What is the AbilityOne program?

What is the AbilityOne program?

The AbilityOne Program uses the purchasing power of the federal government to buy products and services from participating, community-based nonprofit agencies nationwide, dedicated to training and employing individuals who are blind or have significant disabilities.

Is AbilityOne a small business?

Does AbilityOne support Small Business? Yes. AbilityOne nonprofit agencies subcontract and partner with small businesses. The program has initiatives underway to increase collaborative opportunities with small business.

How do I become an AbilityOne vendor?

How do I become an authorized AbilityOne distributor? You should first obtain and review the criteria for authorization available on the Potential Distributor page of this website. Then, fill out the application (also located on the Potential Distributor page) and submit it to the Commission staff.

What are AbilityOne products?

The AbilityOne® Network manufactures the SKILCRAFT® brand of products, encompassing a line of over 3,000 items including custodial equipment, office supplies, medical supplies, tools, uniforms and more.

What is the AbilityOne procurement guide?

The AbilityOne® Program provides employment opportunities for Americans who are blind or have significant disabilities by authorizing and directing Federal purchases of products and services provided by nonprofit agencies employing such individuals throughout the country.

Who negotiate terms conditions and develop a recommended fair market price?

The Contracting Activity , and NPA/CNA, shall conduct analysis and engage in good faith negotiations to develop a recommended FMP. 3. The Contracting Activity negotiates a recommended FMP with the NPA/CNA using methods in FAR Subpart 15.4. 4.

Is Federal Supply Schedule a contract?

The GSA Schedule, also known as Federal Supply Schedule, and Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), is a long-term governmentwide contract with commercial companies that provide access to millions of commercial products and services at fair and reasonable prices to the government.

Who are the largest customers of AbilityOne?

Operates at more than 1,000 locations representing 40 government agencies across 15 time zones including all 50 states, Guam and Puerto Rico Our largest customer is the Department of Defense, which annually procures more than $2.3 billion of AbilityOne products and services

What can I do with the AbilityOne Program?

Learn More.. People who are blind working in the AbilityOne® Program fill a wide range of positions, from manufacturing, to customer service, to closing contracts for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Where can I buy AbilityOne for my government account?

The statutory requirement to buy [&AbilityOne&] [&products&] is universal and applies to any dollar amount. Government purchase card holders are — like all other Federal employees — required to buy [&AbilityOne&] [&products&] provided by designated nonprofit agencies through one of the many distribution channels.

What makes an AbilityOne service contract so good?

AbilityOne service contracts offer a stable workforce dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. The provisions of the program enable a long-term supplier relationship, eliminating the need to re-compete the contract.