What is size of kabaddi ground?

What is size of kabaddi ground?

In the international team version of kabaddi, two teams of seven members each occupy opposite halves of a court of 10 by 13 metres (33 ft × 43 ft) in case of men and 8 by 12 metres (26 ft × 39 ft) in case of women. Each has five supplementary players held in reserve for substitution.

How should a kabaddi ground be?

The size of the Kabaddi court is 13 X 10 meters for men and 11 x 8 meters for boys and women. This court is divided into two parts by the “ Mid-Line” in which the two teams defend themselves. The size of the “Side Lobby” is 1 meter wide on both the sides.

What is shape of kabaddi ground?

Rules. In the Punjab region, kabaddi is played on a circular pitch of a diameter of 22 meters and an inner circle with a line through the middle of the pitch: the pitch is called kaudi da bharha. There are two teams of 8 players; one on one raid; and no player leaves the field.

How many types of kabaddi ground are there?

Four forms of kabaddi played in India are Amar, Suranjeevi, huttuttoo, and Gaminee. Amar is generally played in Punjab, Haryana, the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world, mostly by Punjabi sportsmen. Suranjeevi is the most played form of kabaddi in India and the world.

What is the length and breadth of kabaddi?

The lenghth and breadth of the kabaddi court is 13m and 10 m. And there are10-12 players in the Kabaddi team.

What are the basic skills of kabaddi?

Skills of Kabaddi Game

S.N Offensive skills of Kabaddi Game Defensive skills of Kabaddi Game
1 Raiding Tackle
2 Hand Touch Block
3 Toe touch Chain tackle
4 Dubki Waist hold

How big is the Kabaddi field in India?

Regular Kabaddi tournaments are held throughout the country. The play ground of the Kabaddi shall be level and soft preferably made of earth, manure and sawdust. The ground shall be 12 1/ 2 meters X 10 meters. For women and Juniors the measurement shall be 11metres X 8 meters.

How big is a kabaddi court for men?

Dimensions & Measurements of Kabaddi Court for men (13×10) Size of Kabaddi court – 13 x 10 meters for men, 11 x 8 meters for boys and women Size of lobby – 1 meter wide space in sides Mid line divides the court in two equal halves

How is the mid line drawn in Kabaddi?

The mid line drawn divides the play ground into two courts. There shall be strip of one meter wide on each side of the playfield, which is called Lobby. In each half, at a distance of about 3 meters from the mid-line and parallel to it lines of the full width of ground shall be drawn. These are Baulk lines .

Where does the word kabaddi come from in India?

Kabaddi has originated in ancient Tamil region, the present day Tamil Nadu and parts of other South Indian states. However it received international exposure during 1936 Berlin Olympics. The word Kabaddi has probably been derived from the Tamil word “kai-pidi” meaning “to hold hands”.