What is Al Fakher molasses?

What is Al Fakher molasses?

Al Fakher Molasses is a premium brand of flavored Molasses manufactured in United Arab Emirates. Al Fakher shisha tobacco is considered a high quality molasses in the world market and is made from the highest grade of Virginia Molasses leaves and the finest European flavors.

Does shisha have molasses?

Shisha is often soaked in molasses or honey and mixed with fruit, but it still contains cancer-causing chemicals and nicotine. Cigarette smoke is generated by burning tobacco, while hookah smoke is produced by heating tobacco in a bowl using charcoal.

Is Al Fakher tobacco Free?

Al Fakher Herbal Shisha is made with the highest quality herbal ingredients, It is 100% tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and available in a verity of mouth-watering traditional flavors. Just choose your favorite flavor!

Does Al Fakher have tobacco?

Al-Fakher Premium Flavored Tobacco has been providing great quality tobacco for your hookah at an amazing price since 1999….Al-Fakher: Premium Flavored Tobacco 50g Specs.

Brand Al-Fakher
Size 50g Box (.05% Nicotine)
Smoking Sessions Approximately 2 to 5 bowls
Country of Manufacture United Arab Emirates
Ingredients Tobacco, Molasses, Glycerin, Flavor

Can you smoke molasses?

Herbal shisha molasses are a great alternative to your ordinary hookah tobacco. Usage of herbal shisha molasses is similar to any hookah tobacco, so no magic here. Load a bowl, add foil or a bowl screen, add some coals, and you will be smoking in no time.

What are the flavors of al fakher shisha?

Our new products and distinct range of flavors are easy to use and designed to mix seamlessly. Not to mention our new packaging also ensures your shisha experience stays fresh and lasts longer. A signature flavor encompassing the finest of cooling agents. A signature flavor encompassing the finest of cooling agents.

Why did al fakher travel around the world?

We traveled the globe in search of shisha lovers so that we can share their stories. Discover the passionate and diverse people from different backgrounds with a single, shared passion – a love for shisha. Watch and explore the culture and community behind shisha as told by masters from around the world.

Is the power of al fakher addictive?

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Choose more… Power DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, LISTEN TO MASTERS FROM ACROSS THE WORLD!