What does CDW stand for in sales?

What does CDW stand for in sales?

Computer Discount Warehouse
The idea was born when Krasny took a small ad in a free-circulation newspaper to sell his computer and printer. It later became Computer Discount Warehouse and then simply CDW.

How many sales people does CDW have?

250,000 customers
Vendors want access to CDW’s 250,000 customers (especially the smaller ones where the OEMs don’t have a long-term relationship) as well as its sales force and distribution footprint, installation, service, and support staff.

Where is CDWG?

CDW•G is headquartered in Lincolnshire, IL and has 29 office locations across 2 countries.

Is CDW a good company to work for?

CDW is proud to be recognized by the annual 2021 Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards as a Best Place to Work, among U.S. companies with more than 1,000 coworkers. Companies earn the award through feedback coworkers have shared voluntarily and anonymously on Glassdoor, which makes the recognition all the more meaningful.

Is CDW a good company?

CDW has a consumer rating of 1.43 stars from 63 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about CDW most frequently mention customer service, next day and order status problems. CDW ranks 134th among Computer sites.

Why do I want to work for CDW?

The benefits at CDW are unlike the kind you receive at most companies. By having leaders who are approachable and engaging, CDW fosters an environment where people care about the success of each other and the company. CDW also operates with a “peers, not tiers” mindset.

What does CDW stand for slang?


Acronym Definition
CDW Computer Discount Warehouse
CDW Compact Disc Writer
CDW Copy Database Wizard
CDW Customer Data Warehouse

Where can I find CDW government products online?

CDW Government sells products through its Web site and catalogs and through a direct sales force. The subsidiary of CDW Corporation bought Technology Resource Center, which served higher education customers, in late 2006 and folded it into its operations. External Website. Opens New Window Available Contacts – Free Plug-in!

Who is CDW G and what do they do?

CDW•G is a leading provider of technology solutions for federal government organizations. Modernize your IT infrastructure with a trusted procurement, integration and security partner, and find the best price on products and IT solutions for your organization.

How to contact us general sales-CDW?

Orders for shipment to addresses outside of the U.S. and including Canada, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are subject to the following terms: International orders and inquiries can be placed via voice telephone to 847.465.6000, by facsimile 847.465.6800, postal mail or e-mail.

What do we get for CDW account manager?

WE GET TECH THAT TAKES YOU WHERE YOU NEED TO GO. Your account manager and our team of experts take the time to understand your business and deliver IT solution and services that help you grow. Explore Products and Solutions we Love. Style meets substance in these sleek, powerful laptops built for anytime, anywhere productivity.