What do you write in a glossary?

What do you write in a glossary?

How to make a good glossaryServe your audience. If you’re doing a glossary of terms for people knowledgeable on your subject, you may be able to get away with including technical terms in your definitions. Use plain language. Don’t use the word in the definition. Include synonyms and examples. Provide pronunciation tips.

What are guide words?

At the top of each page are two large boldface words separated by a dot. These are called guide words. They show the alphabetical range of the entries on that page, and you can use them to help you find a word quickly. Stop when you come to the guide words between which the word aplomb alphabetically falls. …

What are examples of guide words?

An example of guide word is the word “hesitate” printed on a page in a dictionary with the word “hesitate” listed as the first word on the page. A word printed at the top of a page in a dictionary, encyclopedia, etc., usually the first or last entry on the page.

How do you use guide words?

Guide words appear on each page of a dictionary. They tell you the first word and last word on the page. The other words on the page come between the guide words in alphabetical order. To put words in alphabetical order, put them in order by their first letters.

How do you answer guide words?

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What are the guide words for curious?

busybutting in.curious.forward.inquisitive.interfering.intrusive.meddlesome.meddling.

What are guide and entry words?

You have learned that guide words at the top of each page help you find words in a dictionary. Entry words are the words that can be looked up in a dictionary. Entry words are usually printed in dark print.