What body style is a 73 Nova?

What body style is a 73 Nova?

The 1973 model year introduced a hatchback body style based on the 2-door coupe….Fourth Generation (1973-1974)

Chevrolet Nova Fourth generation
Body style 2-door coupe 3-door hatchback 4-door sedan
Layout FR layout
Platform X-body
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What does Nova stand for in cars?

The Chevy Nova was completely original, the name “Nova” which means “new” somewhat suggests that concept. During the years Chevrolet made the Chevy Nova, there was no other car that looked like it in design. The unique design was inspired by Chevy’s losses to Ford in the competition for compact cars.

How do you tell if a 70 Nova is a true SS?

If the engine is original (the last 6 digits of the VIN are stamped on the engine block) and it has a application code (also stamped on the block) that decodes to an SS only engine, then you have a real SS.

Which year Nova is best?

What is the best year Chevy Nova? We think the best Novas are the two-doors made between 1968 and 1971. That generation of Nova was arguably the best-looking compact on the market, and the SS version offered big V-8 engines that had real bite.

Why was Nova discontinued?

Chevrolet marketing officials have complained that the Nova’s design was outdated even when the first models were produced in 1984 and that the car is only offered in a four-door version. Daily business updates The latest coverage of business, markets and the economy, sent by email each weekday.

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