What are unistats?

What are unistats?

The UNISTATS holds the information which students have said they find most useful when choosing a course. It’s comprised of: Measures of student satisfaction from the National Student Survey (NSS), which is completed by more than 220,000 mainly final year students in the UK each year.

What replaced unistats?

Discover Uni
About Discover Uni The site replaced Unistats from September 2019. Discover Uni provides supportive information and guidance about the different options for studying.

Is Discover UNI reliable?

The data that we publish on Discover Uni is from reliable sources and can help you make an informed decision. It’s important that you don’t make decisions based on small differences between courses.

How do I choose a university?

How to Choose a University: 6 Tips

  1. Make sure you’ve chosen the right subject. It is fundamental to be 120% sure about your subject.
  2. Consult university rankings.
  3. Find out what the university library is like.
  4. Check the course content.
  5. See what sports and societies are on offer.
  6. Find out about the student accommodation.

Where are NSS results published?

the Discover Uni website
Find results from the survey NSS 2020 survey results are currently published on the Discover Uni website.

What are the best University degrees?

Business Analysis.

  • Electrical Power Engineering.
  • Actuarial Mathematics.
  • Political Economy.
  • Operations Research.
  • Applied Economics and Management.
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)
  • Petroleum Engineering. In first place, and the top degree subject to graduate with this year is petroleum engineering.
  • What does UNI stand for?

    UNI means “University.”

    What is a 1.1 grade in Ireland?

    Most Common

    Scale Grade Description US Grade
    70.00 – 100.00 First Class Honours A
    65.00 – 69.99 Upper Second Class (2.1) Honors A-
    60.00 – 64.99 Upper Second Class (2.1) Honors B+
    50.00 – 59.99 Lower Second Class (2.2) Honors B

    Is the data on Unistats based on a sample?

    The data shown on Unistats is for all similar courses as it is based on a sample, in contrast to the early survey which is a broad census. A more detailed guide to graduate destination data for students is available on the Office for Students website.

    Where can I find Unistats data for HESA?

    The Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) data in the Unistats dataset is being published as experimental statistics by HESA, following receipt of the data from the Office for Students. This is available in the LEO.csv file and also between the Salary and Tariff entities in the XML Unistats dataset.

    When does the Unistats 2018 data come out?

    Unistats 2018 data will be available from 10 September 2018. As an additional technical resource for analysts and developers, we have made the raw dataset that underlies the Unistats website available for download.

    When did discover Uni change to Unistats?

    It is designed to support prospective students in deciding whether, where and what to study. The site replaced Unistats from September 2019. Discover Uni provides supportive information and guidance about the different options for studying.