What are polymer complexes?

What are polymer complexes?

Complex, at least two components of which are different polymers. Notes: A complex is a molecular entity formed from two or more components that can be ionic or uncharged.

What is polymerization explain with example?

A polymer is a large single chain-like molecule in which the repeating units derived from small molecules called monomers are bound together. The process by which monomers are transformed into a polymer is called polymerisation. For example ethylene polymerizes to form polyethylene.

What are polymeric structures?

A polymer is composed of many simple molecules that are repeating structural units called monomers. A single polymer molecule may consist of hundreds to a million monomers and may have a linear, branched, or network structure. Copolymers are polymers composed of two or more different types of monomers.

Which is an example of a biological polymer?

A polymer produced by a living organism is called a biopolymer. There are three major classes of biopolymers: (1) polysaccharides, (2) polypeptides, and (3) polynucleotides. Polysaccharides are carbohydrates formed by repeating units linked together by glycosidic bonds. Examples are cellulose, starch, or glycogen.

What type of bond is polyethylene?

Polyethylene, one of the simplest polymer structures, has a repeating mer of two covalently bonded carbon atoms having two hydrogen atoms each. The bonding between chains, however, is weak van der Waals type. Most common polymers are based on carbon, however, silicon-based polymers, known as silicones, are also common.

What are some examples of materials that are polymers?

Here is a list of materials that are polymers, plus some examples of materials that are not polymers. While plastics are used as a common example of polymers, there are many other materials which are also polymers. Polymers include: Anything plastic. Proteins, such as hair, nails, tortoise shell. Cellulose in paper and trees. DNA. Silly putty.

Which is an example of a semi synthetic polymer?

Among the earliest were semi-synthetic polymers, which are natural polymers modified in some way.

What can you learn about polymers in science class?

Discover the chemistry behind everyday substances like hair and starch by learning about polymers. We explore how polymers form, the chemistry of the reactions, and the three main types of natural polymers and their importance in everyday life. What is a Polymer? Have you ever ridden a bicycle or even a motorcycle?

Which is the fundamental property of a polymer?

Polymer whose fundamental property is plasticity (thermoplastic). It is deformed plastically under the action of pressure andor heat . 2. Mixture (of a polymer with additives) that can be transformed by flowing or moulding in liquid or molten state.