What animals does Shuttleworth College have?

What animals does Shuttleworth College have?

You will find:

  • A wide range of species including birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, mammals and exotic animals.
  • Purpose built humidity room and a tropical biosphere for our tropical rainforest species.

What can you do with Level 3 animal management?

Career options

  • Pet store or kennels or cattery manager.
  • Animal care technician.
  • Animal rescue centre staff.
  • Guide dog trainer.
  • Trainee zookeeper.

What are animal science subjects?

UTME Requirement for Animal Sciences: Five (5) SSC credit passes in English Language, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology/Agric Science and one of Physics, Geography or Economics. UTME Subject combination for Animal Sciences: Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture and Mathematics /Physics.

Does animal science require physics?

The other three subjects required to study Animal Science under the Faculty of Agriculture in the institutions listed above are: Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture and Mathematics/Physics.

What is level 3 Animal Care?

A Level 3 certificate or diploma in Animal Care or Animal Management is designed to help you find work with animals in roles such as; Animal Trainer. Pet Store Manager. Kennel Manager.

What does Level 3 animal Management teach you?

From meerkats and skunks to hamsters and goats, you will develop animal handling and husbandry skills for each species you work within their specialist environments, building knowledge and learning to look critically at appropriate animal behaviour, habitat and welfare.

Is animal science a good degree?

A degree in animal science is more popular than many other degrees. In fact, it ranks #96 out of 368 on popularity of all such degrees in the nation. This means you won’t have too much trouble finding schools that offer the degree.

How many years is animal science course?

Animal Science is a four-year course under the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program.

What are the requirements to study animal science?

A National Certificate (Vocational) with a bachelor’s degree or a diploma endorsement, with at least 50% for English (home language or first additional language) and 50% for Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, 50% for Life Orientation (excluded for APS calculation), 60% for any other three compulsory vocational …

What qualifications do you need to do animal care?

What qualifications do I need to start training as an animal care worker?

  • Level 1 Diploma in Work-based Animal Care.
  • Level 2 Diploma / Animal Care and Welfare Assistant (Level 2 Apprenticeship)
  • Level 3 Diploma / Advanced Apprenticeship in Work-based Animal Care.

What qualifications do you need for Animal Care?