Was Miami Twice filmed in Miami?

Was Miami Twice filmed in Miami?

The episode really was filmed in Miami, Florida compared to the Series 2 episode It Never Rains when freezing Dorset with the lights turned up bright filled in for Spain. The room they recorded the episode in was the favored suite of Al Capone. The basis of the story line of this episode is for the mob to kill Del..

When was Only Fools and Horses Miami?

As Del and Rodney board the plane they meet Richard Branson. Miami Twice Part 1 “The American Dream” was the first part of the 1991 Christmas special Miami Twice, airing on the 24th December 1991 with a viewing figure of 14.9 million, where the Trotters go on a holiday to Miami in Florida.

Which mansion was used in Miami Twice?

Series 1-5 mainly filmed in London with Harlech Tower in Acton being Nelson Mandela House, whereas series 6 onwards filming shifted to Bristol and Whitemead House was the Trotter’s high-rise home – although certain episodes moved away from these locations such as Margate (Dreamland / Roman Galley Pub as half way house) …

Is there an American version of Only Fools and Horses?

The US remake of BBC comedy Only Fools and Horses has been shelved, according to industry reports. Deadline Hollywood reported US network ABC passed on the series, titled Kings Of Van Nuys, following a pilot.

Why is Miami called twice?

The title of the two-part special is derived from the 1984 American television series Miami Vice. When “Oh To Be in England” was originally broadcast on Christmas Day it ran at 95 minutes. Subsequent repeats on BBC One often edited this to 85 minutes, presumably as this was easier to schedule.

Who played Rico in Miami twice?

Antoni Corone

Rico Occhetti
Portrayer Antoni Corone
First seen “Miami Twice”
Last seen “Miami Twice”
Duration 1991

Where was Only Fools and horses mentioned in Miami Twice?

The only on-screen mention of “Only Fools and Horses” in this episode appeared on the first caption of the closing credits, whereas only the name “Miami Twice” appeared in the opening titles. The second episode’s title “Oh To Be in England” did not appear on screen, but was confirmed by Steve Clark.

When was the first episode of Only Fools and horses?

An episode of Only Fools and Horses. “Miami Twice” is the two-part tenth Christmas special edition of the British sitcom Only Fools and Horses. The first episode, on-screen subtitle “The American Dream”, was first screened on 24 December 1991.

Who are the Trotters in Only Fools and horses?

The Trotters arrive in Miami, where they are spotted by Mafia Don Vincenzo Occhetti and his sons, the don just happening to be Del’s exact double. The Occhettis welcome the brothers but they have a plan. Occhetti is to stand trial for several crimes.

Who is the mafioso in Only Fools and horses?

Occhetti is to stand trial for several crimes. If Del is found dead and it is assumed that he is the Mafioso, the don will be in a position to start a new life. Several unsuccessful attempts to kill Del follow, as does an argument between Rodney and Occhetti, whom Rodney believes to be his brother.