Was Al Hirt a good trumpet player?

Was Al Hirt a good trumpet player?

“He was one of the best trumpet players all around the world,” clarinetist Pete Fountain, a longtime friend who played with Hirt on and off for more than 50 years, told the Associated Press. “He had everything–technique, stamina and education.”

Was Miles Davis a good trumpet player?

Miles was not a great trumpet player and I don’t think anyone will dispute that. He wasn’t a great trumpet player in the same way that John Lennon wasn’t a great guitar player. That being said, like Lennon, he was a force to be reckoned with. And a great composer.

Who was Al Hirt married to?

Beverly Essel Hirt
He was survived by his wife, Beverly Essel Hirt, and eight children from a previous marriage.

Was Al Hirt black?

Hirt was among the first white New Orleans bandleaders to hire African-American players, in the 1950s, and he gave a young Wynton Marsalis his first trumpet.

Who are the most famous trumpet players of all time?

Most Famous Trumpet Players Of All Times That Are No Longer With Us 1 Maynard Ferguson 2 Louis Armstrong 3 Clifford Brown 4 Derek Watkins 5 Dizzy Gillespie 6 Harry James 7 Adolph Herseth 8 Claude Gordon 9 Bud Brisbois 10 Chet Baker

Who was the best trumpeter of the bop era?

The bop era produced a welter of other fine trumpeters, but one, in particular, stood out from the crowd: Miles Davis. Though not as technically accomplished as Gillespie, Miles had a lyrical tone and knew how to use space, light, and shade.

How old was Miles Davis when he started playing the trumpet?

Miles was a band leader, trumpet player, and an inspirational composer. The Illinois-born musician was raised in a middle-class background, and he began his trumpet journey when he was only 12. The man is credited with many pioneering achievements that contributed to the development of the West Coast jazz.

Who is the best jazz trumpeter in Norway?

Topping the list of Norway’s best jazz trumpeters, Henriksen has a sound all his own – one that equates more to a Japanese shakuhachi flute than a conventional trumpet. His sound is breathy and mellow, and usually framed by ethereal electronics to create an aura of tranquil meditation.