Student’s Use of the Service to Order Academic Writing

In this text, we will consider such a thing as “services for ordering academic writing and their use by students.” In the world, there is such a thing as “academic ghostwriting”.

This concept appeared at the turn of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and exists to this day. Academic ghostwriting is in great demand when you are writing academic letters.

What is academic ghostwriting?

Academic ghostwriting is a service for writing educational and scientific product in the form of reference works, academic writing, dissertations. At the moment, there are a huge number of services that specialize in this work and provide their services to students.

Simply put academic ghostwriting and services who provide their services in this area is the simulation of the educational and scientific activity through the purchase or sale of educational and scientific works. And unfortunately this concept in our time is gaining great momentum, and therefore services will be in great demand.

What is the service in General?

A service is an action that benefits or helps another; a benefit provided in the form of an activity. In this case, the desired result creates the very provision of services that can be paid.

Service sector-a set of sectors of the economy that provide services to the population, which is usually attributed to culture, education, health, consumer services.

Academic ghostwriting in educational service

Educational service is the need to meet and master specific knowledge and skills.

However, at the turn of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in the market of services intensified mass demand for the finished educational product in the form of control, course, thesis, master’s, PhD, doctoral dissertations, scientific articles and monographs, that is, academic texts, indicating the implementation of one of the types of scientific and educational activities.

At the moment, the international market has distinguished itself as an independent service industry, which can be defined as a shadow academic focused on writing commissioned educational and scientific texts.

The role of services in students ‘ lives

Opening the Internet and typing in the search engine “services for writing academic letters” you will open a huge number of sites to provide this type of service. Naturally, the prices on all sites will be different, because it all depends on your theme and the declared design of your letter.

According to research, the main clients of such services are students, working students, people who receive a second higher education. What attracts students to provide this service? This is the shortest possible time for which your work is written and subsequent benefits if the student, of course, becomes a regular customer.


To resist the phenomenon, you need to understand its nature. There are several main reasons for the demand for the purchase of commissioned works: a) a sharp increase in the educational psychological, economic burden on those who study compared to previous generations; b) the objective effect of the laws of the market, which in the minds and behavior of some of the students take precedence over the moral side.

Also in our time, hours are allocated for independent work are not used for other purposes. In higher education institutions, many teachers are strongly attached to textbooks and only a small proportion of them can move away from the usual book work and build a lesson so that students would be interested in studying the subject, and not use the services of services for writing any works. Of course do not forget about the textbooks, because the textbook – paper writing help, but to cram everything just so written in it is not an option. Because as mentioned above, the writing services of scientific works, will lead to the loss of specialists, which in our time is not enough, which in turn will lead to the degradation of the population.

And to finish the article I would like to say one of the fifteen rules of the motivation of Harvard University students: “the Torments of study are transient, the torments of ignorance are constant.”