Popular Watch Brands For 2020

Popular Watch Brands For 2020

Since the watch industry is as big as it is, there are many competitors for popular watch brands on the market. With many other companies switching from fashion to the watch market, it has become an extremely competitive market. Every company tries to deliver the most innovative design, quality products, and affordable prices to make the reach of its customers as effectively as possible.

What should also be considered are not only the best watch brands that only the rich and famous can afford as Omega but also the watches that everyone can afford? Now the best brands are exceptionally well designed, and the quality of these watches is undeniable, but in terms of overall popularity, they seem to miss the brand with the price tags associated with it. They also seem to be very durable, which means that a person doesn’t often have to open the yellow pages looking for a watch repair company.

Regarding the major watch brands, here is the list of the most popular in 2020.


Swatch is a fantastic company with great products that are still very popular. The Swiss watch company is also slightly diversified so that it now offers more sophisticated watch models while its original colorful timepieces follow the times.


Citizen is a well-known brand in the watch industry with a good reputation for high-quality watches and designs. They produce high-quality watches with a simple but sophisticated style and also offer good prices to get a competitive advantage in the market. They also recently expanded the purchase of the Japanese company Bulova, which means that their productivity and size have increased significantly.


Tissot has been a family business for many years and has driven the development of the watch market. They were one of the first companies to mass-produce and market fifty-one pocket watch models. Now they are at the forefront of the technology leap by integrating the so-called T Touch technology into their watch designs.


The Timberland brand is connected to the external market and transfers the durability and reliability of the product to the consumer. Recently they entered the watch market and made very good models that are also very well made and reliable. You should continue to enter this market and gain popularity in the coming years.

As you are choosing the best watch, you should not only take into consideration the trend, but you should also consider what you will be using it for. Will you be using it as a fashion accessory for one night, or will you be using it to tell the time as you are at work? The type of watch you get all depends on those two questions. If you are looking for something for one night, then you will want something that has diamonds on it and has a bit of sparkle to it. It should also go with the gown you have decided to wear.