Is there a Catholic Church in Strasbourg France?

Is there a Catholic Church in Strasbourg France?

Church in Strasbourg, France. Strasbourg Cathedral or the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg (French: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, or Cathédrale de Strasbourg, German: Liebfrauenmünster zu Straßburg or Straßburger Münster), also known as Strasbourg Minster, is a Catholic cathedral in Strasbourg, Alsace, France.

How tall is the Cathedral of Strasbourg in feet?

The interior of Strasbourg cathedral is majestic, with its beautifully-proportioned nave, respectful of gothic – commonly known as classic – style. At 32 metres in height, it is taller than that of Rouen (28m) but remains well below that of Metz (41.4m).

Who was the Bishop of Strasbourg when it was built?

Bishop Heinrich I von Hasenburg (1181 – March 25, 1190) decided to construct a new cathedral, to be more beautiful than that of Basel Munster, which was just being finished. Construction of the new cathedral began on the foundations of the preceding structures. The original Romanesque crypt was kept and expanded westwards.

What was the turning point for Strasbourg Cathedral?

If the French brought their influence to gothic art (red and blue stained glass windows), the Germanic world knew how to impose its ideas (stained glass windows including the colour green). The 16th century marked a turning point for Strasbourg and its cathedral, following the eruption of Humanism and the Reformation.

How tall is the spire of Strasbourg Cathedral?

Its 142 metre-high spire was the highest monument in the world from 1647 until 1874, and its height makes it the second-tallest cathedral in France after that of Rouen. It is a masterpiece of grace and lightness.

Is the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Strasbourg a must?

A visit is a must! “A prodigy of the gigantesque and the delicate,” as Victor Hugo claimed. Strasbourg Cathedral (1015-1439) is an absolute masterpiece of Gothic art. The 142 m high spire looks incredibly lightweight and made the Cathedral the highest edifice in all Christianity until the 19th century. Three high-spots make the visit unforgettable.