Is Tangerine Dream still active?

Is Tangerine Dream still active?

Their most recent album of all-new music, Quantum Gate, was released on 29 September 2017. In December 2019, the band released Recurring Dreams, a compilation of new recordings of some of the band’s classic compositions….

Tangerine Dream
Years active 1967–present

What is Tangerine Dream’s best album?

The best album credited to Tangerine Dream is Phaedra which is ranked number 1,081 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 1,719. Tangerine Dream is ranked number 370 in the overall artist rankings with a total rank score of 5,230.

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What do Paul glasses symbolize in tangerine?

His glasses symbolize his ability to see the truth better than most people. They also remind us of the event that gave him this insight into the behavior of those around him.

How many albums does the group Tangerine Dream have?

The electronic music group Tangerine Dream has released more than one hundred albums, singles, EPs and compilations since the group was formed in 1967.

Who is the founder of Tangerine Dream?

Founded by the late Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream is perhaps the premier exponent of “electronic rock” music of the “Berlin School”.

When did Tangerine Dream switch to Jive Records?

The switch to the Jive Records label with their blue logo was the start of the Blue Years beginning with Poland in 1984. The Melrose Years started when Tangerine Dream switched to Peter Baumann’s Private Music label, located on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles; the first release was Optical Race (1988).

When did Green Desert by Tangerine Dream Come Out?

Second album, Alpha Centauri, saw the addition of long-standing member Christopher Franke replacing Schulze, while Peter Baumann would come aboard for Zeit. Although unissued until the mid-1980s, Green Desert was recorded in 1973.