Is scoliosis surgery expensive?

Is scoliosis surgery expensive?

There are many factors that go into determining the final cost of scoliosis surgery, but on average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $140,000 to $175,000.

How much does spine surgery cost in Singapore?

On the upper end of the spectrum, the median bill for a spinal implant is S$56,039 at a private hospital. It is also an expensive procedure even at subsidised public hospital wards—half of patients may see total bills ranging between S$14,557 and S$15,485.

Is scoliosis common in Singapore?

The condition has an incidence rate of two percent in Singapore, and is most often seen in healthy children and adolescents aged ten years or more. While scoliosis is believed to be multifactorial, the condition has no obvious cause in a majority of cases, giving rise to the term adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS).

Can U bend after scoliosis surgery?

The most basic of precautions for the patient during the recovery process will be “no BLTs.” These include: No bending. The patient is allowed to bend at the knees and hips, but not at the back.

How long does scoliosis surgery take?

During scoliosis surgery, the surgeon will sometimes use special equipment to keep an eye on the nerves that come from the spine to make sure they are not damaged. Scoliosis surgery often takes 4 to 6 hours. It can also be much longer if the involved area is larger.

How long is recovery from spinal surgery?

You will not be able to return to activities as quickly. It takes at least 3 to 4 months after surgery for bones to heal well, and healing may continue for at least a year. If you had spinal fusion, you will probably be off work for 4 to 6 weeks if you are young and healthy and your job is not very strenuous.

Is there any help for scoliosis?

Mild scoliosis is often managed simply with exercise, medical observation, scoliosis-specific physical therapy, and chiropractic treatment from a chiropractic scoliosis specialist. For some people with scoliosis, yoga or pilates is also recommended to decrease their pain level and increase flexibility.

What exercises fix scoliosis?


  1. Pelvic Tilts. Lying on back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  2. Cat-Camel. On hands and knees, maintain tight abdominals with head straight (Photo 1).
  3. Double-Leg Abdominal Press. Lying on back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor (Photo 1), keeping your back in a neutral position.
  4. Single Leg Balance.

How is scoliosis treated in schools in Singapore?

In Singapore, the School Health Services (SHS) of the Youth Preventive Services Division (YPSD) visit schools annually to provide health screenings, which include screening for scoliosis. This is when your child may discover that they have scoliosis.

What kind of spine surgery is performed at Singapore General Hospital?

Robotic spine surgery in scoliosis as well as in degenerative spine diseases. In addition to these , we perform routine spine surgeries such as lumbar spine decompression, spinal fusions, cervical and lumbar disc replacement, spinal tumour resection surgery, scoliosis and kyphosis correction as well as endoscopic spine surgery.

Can a chiropractor fix scoliosis without surgery?

Brushing your teeth everyday will not straighten your teeth. Exercise cannot treat scoliosis and the physical misalignment of the spine. Exercise may help improve posture and range of motion, but itself cannot change the curvature. Can a chiropractor fix scoliosis without surgery?

Is there a spine unit in South East Asia?

It is the first spine surgery unit in South East Asia to do so and every patient that has been treated since is carefully tracked following their surgery so as to optimise their post-operative recovery.