Is rakija same as slivovitz?

Is rakija same as slivovitz?

is that slivovitz is a type of rakija made of distilled, fermented plum juice it is sometimes referred to as plum brandy while rakija is a strong distilled alcoholic beverage made from various fruits, varieties of which (such as slivovitz) are found across the balkans and the mediterranean.

What does slivovitz taste like?

Maraska (Croatia): Carries the flavor and aroma of light candied plums with a hint of toasted almond. Close to an eau de vie in flavor and body, it tastes the most honestly of plums without hitting you over the head with jammy stone fruit flavors. At 80 proof it goes down much easier than other bottles.

Is slivovitz a vodka?

Slivovitz Traditional Plum Vodka Traditional Polish quality liquor produced from aged plum distillate, to which it owes its golden color and unique taste. Traditional plum vodka with a rich aroma and taste, which owes to the aged plum distillate. It has a captivating flavor and a moving power.

What percent alcohol is slivovitz?

Freshly distilled slivovitz has a relatively high degree of alcohol (around 56% abv; 112 proof) and is therefore diluted with spring water to a final 50% abv (100 proof). The slivovitz is then aged in our cellars in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of around 12° C (around 54° F).

Who has the best rakija?

Sommelier.BG Top 5 most expensive rakia brands

  • Troyanska Slivova 1989 Family Reserve Vinprom, “Troyan Rakia”
  • Troyanska Slivova 25 years Special Reserve, “Troyan Rakia”
  • Misketova Kulturna Special Reserve, “Izba Karabunar”
  • Solitaire Special Selection, “Domain Boyar”

Which fruit is slivovitz made from?

damson plums
What Is Slivovitz? Slivovitz is a clear fruit brandy (made in a style known as eau de vie) distilled from damson plums. In terms of taste, Slivovitz often garners comparisons to the grape-based Italian brandy known as grappa.

How much alcohol is in slivovitz rakija brandy?

0,7 l, 45% alc. Very old Slivovitz rakija of supreme quality, crafted of the best plum species from Serbia. Aged for 12 years in oak and bottled afterwards. Only plums from the orchards that are sheltered and protected from the wind are used, so the fruit is very healthy and aromatic.

Where can I buy Slivovitz brandy in the UK?

Buy Brandy UK | Plum Brandy Slivovitz is distilled from ripe unpolluted fermented plums. Alcohol of fruity origin. Aged in oak for couple of years.

Where can you find Slivovitz in Central Europe?

In Central Europe it is considered a kind of pálinka (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine— pálenka, or Greece, Romania and Italy-pălincă), and similar to Romanian țuică, corresponding to the distilled spirits category.

What kind of liquor is slivovitz in the Balkans?

In the Balkans, slivovitz is considered a kind of rakia. In Central Europe it is considered a kind of pálinka (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia— pálenka, or Romania-pălincă), and similar to Romanian tuică, corresponding to the distilled spirits category.