How much is Versawrap cost?

How much is Versawrap cost?

VERSAWRAP Raised Panel Column Wrap by VERSATEX Starting at: $549.99.

What is Versawrap?

VERSAWRAP Column Wraps: The unique design of the VERSAWRAP column wrap line features pre-mitered grooves and friction fit joints. The joints are inter-locking with a unique design to allow for easy alignment and additional surface area for bonding.

What is PVC Column Wrap?

Leading the industry in column innovation, HB&G PVC column wraps are made from cellular PVC, which offers the advantages of being unaffected by moisture and insects but has the thickness, ease of use, and workability of wood.

Is Versatex a PVC?

VERSATEX is totally dedicated to cellular PVC trim and is the market leader in innovation, quality and technical assistance. This translates to thickness tolerances half the industry norm and the development of revolutionary products.

Can you paint Versawrap?

VERSATEX does not require painting for protection. Use paints that are 100% acrylic latex or acrylic latex with urethane additive. **CAUTION: PAINTING ANY CELLULAR PVC TRIM, INCLUDING VERSATEX, DARK COLORS, CAN RESULT IN POOR PERFORMANCE AND WILL VOID THE WARRANTY.


Is PVC trim board waterproof?

PVC trim is waterproof. It’s just like the white water pipes used for plumbing in lots of homes. For all intents and purposes, quarter-round PVC trim is the best option for showers.

How big is versawrap post and column wrap?

VERSAWRAP post covers are one complete piece of Cellular PVC cut down to 5 thousandths of an inch at the interlocking joints for quick installation and absolute protection for your deck posts and columns.

What’s the difference between versatex deck and column wrap?

Delivering a grand view reminescent of older, stately homes, VERSATEX deck products boast a clean white finish and clear lines to the home’s exterior style. The unique design of the one-piece VERSAWRAP column wrap features pre-mitered grooves and friction-fit joints.

What’s the best way to ship 10’post wrap?

With the freight terminal pickup option, longer 10′ items can be shipped at a much lower cost than shipping freight direct to a residence. Simply add your material to the shopping cart and use our built in shipping calculator to see the best rates.