How much is a CLK 550?

How much is a CLK 550?

A: The average price of a CLK550 – W209 is $16,031.

When did they stop making the Mercedes CLK?

In 2010, the CLK lineup was discontinued and replaced by the C207 E-Class coupé and A207 E-Class convertible.

Is Mercedes CLK front wheel drive?

The CLK is one of the sportiest cars in the Mercedes lineup. It has rear-wheel drive in a class increasingly populated by front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive cars, and it has a sporting flair many mid-size luxury cars lack. We think most drivers will be quite happy with the CLK350 and its 268-horsepower V6.

Are CLK430 reliable?

NOT really. The CLK430 is a great car and should give you years of motoring pleasure. The only thing to be aware of is that it is a couple of years older than your C-Class, but Benz quality is good enough and you shouldn’t have any specific problems. The key is to keep up the servicing.

Is the Mercedes Benz CLK550 a good car?

One of the pleasures of driving the CLK550 on our various road tests was the sheer comfort of the cabin. The black leather, plastics, and wood trim all blended in together smoothly while the white face over the instrument cluster gave the car a performance look.

What kind of emissions does the Mercedes CLK550 have?

Although emissions ratings for the 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK550 Cabriolet hadn’t been published at the time of this review, the 2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK550 Coupe got a ULEV II rating, one better than the minimum. The steering in the CLK550 is responsive but light, offering very little feedback to the driver.

How many speakers does the Mercedes CLK550 cabriolet have?

In the CLK550 Cabriolet, this audio system only has six speakers–centerfill, subwoofer, and four door woofers–which seems to limit audio qualities such as separation.

What kind of engine does the Mercedes CL550 have?

The 2010 Mercedes-Benz CL550 4Matic comes standard with all-wheel drive and is powered by a 5.5-liter V8 that makes 382 hp and 391 lb-ft of torque. A seven-speed automatic is the sole transmission.

CLK 550 Trims

Coupe Original MSRP / Price City MPG / Hwy MPG
CLK-Class 2dr Cpe 5.5L $56,800 / $52,824 15 / 22

Is the Mercedes CLK reliable?

The CLK doesn’t feel quite as solid as older-generation Mercedes, and owners have had problems with them. However, there are few serious reliability issues, as long as the car has been properly maintained.

What does CLK mean on a Mercedes?

Coupe Leicht Kurtz (Mercedes Benz model)

What are the most common problems with a used Mercedes CLK coupe?

The JD Power Survey has reported that the cars suffer from poor build in the interior, so check the trim and dashboard for problems, as replacement parts are expensive. There have also been reports of lots of rattles, small items on the engine needing replacement, and electrical gremlins.

Are CLK good cars?

With the emphasis more on comfort than sport, this Mercedes CLK is a great cruiser, able to cover long distances with ease. There’s plenty of space in the front and two seats in the rear, so the CLK is a spacious four-seater, although rear headroom is restricted for six-footers.

What does CLK Kompressor mean?

k used to mean kompressor (supercharger) e meant einshpritzer (it spelled sumthing like that) meaning turbo charger. l stood for leicht, or light.

When did Mercedes stop making CLK?

In 2010, the CLK lineup was discontinued and replaced by the C207 E-Class coupé and A207 E-Class convertible.

Is a CLK a sports car?

The sports car — named CLK DTM — weighs 165 pounds less than the CLK55 AMG, yet features equipment such as air conditioning, a roll bar, traction control, and ESP. In Europe, it will be sold via AMG starting this summer at a cost of $232,000 EUR, or roughly $278,000 USD.

Is the Mercedes CLK Class convertible for sale?

Powerful engines, solid chassis, composed ride, comfortable front seats, fast power top operation in Cabriolet. More expensive than rivals, some subpar plastic trim, COMAND system can be confusing. None for sale nearby. Instead: Sorry! There aren’t any 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class for sale near you.

What kind of seats does a Mercedes Benz CLK550 have?

Cabriolets come in CLK350, CLK550 and CLK63 AMG versions. All come with alloy wheels (19-inchers on the Black Series, 18s on the others), 10-way adjustable power front seats, leather upholstery, dual-zone automatic climate control, a 10-speaker Harman Kardon sound system and a power-adjustable tilt/telescoping steering wheel.

What kind of mileage does a Mercedes Benz CLK get?

With its seven-speed automatic, the CLK350 delivers a fine balance of spirited acceleration, quiet cruising and decent fuel mileage. The CLK350 gets an EPA-rated 17/25 mpg City/Highway. Drivers who demand more performance can choose the CLK550.

What kind of body kit does CLK550 have?

The CLK550 adds paddle shifters for the automatic transmission and an AMG-style body kit. The CLK63 AMG Cabriolet comes with heated sport seats, aluminum accents and an upgraded Harman Kardon Logic 7 audio system with satellite radio.