How do you write a literary analysis through the lens of a quotation?

How do you write a literary analysis through the lens of a quotation?

prompt. write an essay that analyzes one work of literature that you have read from the perspective if a quotation. in your essay, interpret the quotation and explain whether it applies to a work of literature you have read. support your opinion using literary terms and elenents as well as details from the text.

Which revision would best help expand the ideas in the excerpt as Rainsford?

The revision that would help expand the ideas in the excerpt is adding more specifics about the sailors’ beliefs about the island.

Which excerpt from the most dangerous game is an example of foreshadowing?

Two examples of foreshadowing in “The Most Dangerous Game” are the explanation of the sailors’ “curious dread” of the island and Rainsford and Whitney’s conversation about animals’ feelings.

What is the irony in the most dangerous game?

We’re lucky enough to be the hunters. You think we passed that island yet?” This is an example of situational irony because Rainsford says that there are two hunting classes: the hunters and the hunted. What Rainsford doesn’t know is that he’s about to turn into the hunted instead of the hunter.

What is the setting in the most dangerous game?

Ship-Trap Island

Why did Rainsford kill zaroff?

The central theme of “The Most Dangerous Game” is murder. Its main characters, Sangor Rainsford and General Zaroff, are both hunters, and Rainsford justifies killing by claiming that animals can’t feel. This logic fails, however, when Zaroff starts hunting humans.

What are the 3 traps in the most dangerous game?

Rainsford sets four traps in total: the Malay Mancatcher, involving a large tree falling on anyone who sets off the trigger; the Burmese Tiger Pit, where someone falls into a camouflaged hole with stakes at the bottom; the Ugandan Spring Trap, where a knife is tied to a loose sapling that springs forward; and finally …

What was Rainsford’s first trap?

Rainsford sets three traps for General Zaroff. Rainsford’s first trap is a Maylay man-catcher. He sets up a dead tree so that it will fall and hit Zaroff.

Does Rainsford become zaroff?

Does Rainsford become zaroff? Once Rainsford accepts that he must participate in Zaroff’s “game”, Rainsford becomes much like Zaroff. He becomes a killer when he kills Zaroff’s dog and then Ivan.

What three tricks does Rainsford use?

Rainsford evades Zaroff by making a complicated trail, setting traps, and using weapons.

How does Rainsford kill Ivan?

The next day Rainsford creates a Burmese tiger pit, which kills one of Zaroff’s hounds. He sacrifices his knife and ties it to a sapling to make another trap, which kills Ivan when he stumbles into it.

Why does zaroff choose to hunt humans?

As everyone else has mentioned, General Zaroff began hunting humans because he became bored with hunting animals. Zaroff’s capacity to reason presented him with an unfair advantage over the animals, whose natures he understood so precisely that he could always outwit them. He had turned hunting into a science.

Why does Rainsford call himself a beast at bay?

Rainsford calls himself the “beast at bay” because he swam to kill Zaroff and he is very dangerous. At the end of the story Rainsford kills Zaroff. We know this because Rainsford says, “One of us is to furnish a repast for the hounds.

How is Rainsford a good hunter?

Rainsford used his hunting skills to defeat the human-hunter General Zaroff. Based on Rainsford’s actions, thoughts, and the reaction of other characters it is clear that he is a skilled hunter. Rainsford can determine when to keep going or rest. He also knows when he is on the brink of danger.

What has happened to Rainsford?

In “The Most Dangerous Game,” Rainsford escapes from Zaroff by diving into the sea. Later, Zaroff retires to his bedroom for the night. However, Rainsford has not died. Since his escape, he has hidden in Zaroff’s bedroom, with the intention of killing Zaroff himself.