How do you say guardian angel in different languages?

How do you say guardian angel in different languages?

Translations for Guardian angel

  • ملاك حارسArabic.
  • anděl strážný, anděl strážceCzech.
  • skytsengelDanish.
  • SchutzengelGerman.
  • φυλακάγγελοςGreek.
  • gardanĝeloEsperanto.
  • ángel protectorSpanish.
  • kaitseingelEstonian.

How do you say Angel in different languages?

In other languages angel

  1. American English: angel /ˈeɪndʒəl/
  2. Arabic: ملاك
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: anjo.
  4. Chinese: 天使
  5. Croatian: anđeo.
  6. Czech: anděl.
  7. Danish: engel.
  8. Dutch: engel.

What is the term for guardian angel?

A spirit believed to protect and to guide a particular person. guard. defender. guardian. protector.

What is the Celtic word for angel?

Angel in Irish is Aingeal.

What nationality is Angel?

Angel (given name)

Pronunciation /ˈeɪndʒəl/ Spanish: [ˈaŋxel]
Gender Unisex
Language(s) Greek
Meaning “Angel”, “Messenger”

How can I find out the name of my guardian angel?

Once you know the name of your archangel, you can call upon them to guide you or send to you the name of your guardian angel. Your guardian archangel can be determined by finding your celestial number using your name and your birthdate. First, you must take your full name initials given to you at birth.

Do you know how to say guardian in different languages?

Please find below many ways to say guardian in different languages. This is the translation of the word “guardian” to over 100 other languages. Too many ads and languages?

When did your guardian angel come to Earth?

October. November. December. Birth month Angel: Born between: Your Guardian Angel is: (click on their name to discover the prayer) January. 1st – 5th January.

Do you know how to say Angel in different languages?

Saying Angel in Asian Languages Language Ways to say angel Khmer ទេវតា Korean 천사 [cheonsa] Kyrgyz периште Lao ນາງຟ້າ