How do you put page numbers on top right?

How do you put page numbers on top right?

Add page numbers to a header or footerGo to Insert > Page Numbers.Select a position (left, center, or right, and header or footer).Select Include Page Count to show total number of pages too, such as page 7 of 9.

How do I insert current position and page number?

To insert page number On the Insert tab, within the group Header & Footer, click the Page Number drop-down and then point to Current Position. From the Current Position sub menu, select Plain Number (see below image). Word inserts a page number at the cursor position for the first three pages.

How do I remove page number from cover page?

Remove the page number from the first pageGo to Insert > Header & Footer.SelectOptions on the right side, and then select Different First Page.Select Options again, and then select Remove Page Numbers.To see your page numbers and confirm deletion of the number from the first page, go to View > Reading View.

How do you put an accent bar 1?

How do you add an accent bar?On the Insert tab, click the Page Number command.Open the Top of Page, Bottom of Page, or Page Margin menu, depending on where you want the page number to be positioned.Page numbering will appear.Press the Esc key to lock the header and footer.

How do I manually insert page numbers in Word 2010?

To format page numbers:Select the header or footer that contains the page number.From the Design tab, select the Page Number command.Click Format Page Numbers. From the dialog box, select the desired Number format. Next to Start at, enter the number you want the page numbers to start with.