How do you give an adult Enterogermina?

How do you give an adult Enterogermina?

Quick tips for Enterogermina Oral Suspension:

  1. It is necessary to shake the mini bottle before use.
  2. Take the whole content as it is or dilute it in sweetened water, milk, tea or orange juice.
  3. Once open, consume the medicine within a short period to avoid contamination of the suspension.

When do you give Enterogermina?

Enterogermina helps manage diarrhoea effectively and works towards restoring the balance of gut bacteria. Once the diarrhoea symptoms start to show up in your child it’s advisable to give them a dose of Enterogermina, as per the doctor’s suggestion.

How often can you take Enterogermina?

How to use Enterogermina®? Dosage: Adults: from 2 to 3 mini bottles a day Children: from 1 to 2 mini bottles a day Infants: from 1 to 2 mini bottles a day Caution: Do not exceed the indicated doses without the advice of the physician. Take Enterogermina® at regular intervals during the day.

Why is Enterogermina used?

Antibiotics kill bacteria including the friendly ones in the stomach that are essential for digestion & food absorption. Enterogermina® restores the balance of friendly bacteria in intestines, increases absorption of nutrients by the body, and increases body’s ability to resist microbial attacks.

Should Enterogermina be refrigerated?

Do I need to store Enterogermina in the refrigerator? No. Enterogermina is best stored at room temperature (not more than 30°C ) away from direct light and moisture¹,².

Can I mix Enterogermina with milk?

Convenient and practical use, Enterogermina is ready to drink, flavorless and can be mixed with water or other beverages, as tea, milk or fruit juices, making it easier for administration for children.

Can I mix Enterogermina with water?

Can I give Enterogermina to my baby?

Enterogermina 2 Billion is convenient to use even for those young palates. Enterogermina 2 Billion comes in an convenient liquid vials format, which is easily administered to small infants and children as it is tasteless, odorless, and colorless., so your child will love it.

Is there any side effects of Enterogermina?

Enterogermina is a Capsule manufactured by Sanofi India Ltd. It is commonly used for the diagnosis or treatment of Git disorder, probiotic, respiratory infections. It has some side effects such as nausea, skin rash, stomach upset, acute toxicity.

Can I mix Enterogermina with food?

Is it safe to take Enterogermina with antibiotics?

Yes. You can take Enterogermina during treatment with antibiotics. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for treatment advice¹,².

How can I boost my immune system while on antibiotics?

Consuming probiotics and prebiotics during and after a course of antibiotics can help to restore the balance of bacteria in the gut.

  1. Probiotics. Probiotics are live microorganisms commonly known as “healthy bacteria.”
  2. Prebiotics.
  3. Fermented foods.
  4. Vitamin K.
  5. Fiber.