How do you cite CRS in APA?

How do you cite CRS in APA?

For each citation, include:The issuing agency: U.S. Congressional Research Service.The title.Report number and date.Name of the personal author, if provided.Database name (Text from: Congressional Research Digital Collection)Web service name (Available from: LexisNexis® Congressional)

How do you cite a testimony?

REFERENCE LIST ENTRY. Title of Hearing, Number of Congress Cong. Page (Year) (testimony of Name of witness).

How do you cite a hearing?

On reference lists always include the title from the hearing, bill number (if any), subcommittee name, committee name, number of the Congress, and date. When citing a complete hearing, the Manual’s example (p. 222) also gives, after the Congress number, the page number where the hearing begins: page 1.

How do you cite a measure in APA?

Tests and Measurement InstrumentsFrom a website.In-text citation.Reference List.Format: Author Surname, Initial(s). ( Date). Title of Measurement [Format].URL.

How do I cite a law in APA?

The APA Style Blog indicates to put the case name in italics for the in-text citation. If the name of the law is not available, some authors only include the legal citation in parentheses the text – e.g. (18 U.S.C. § 2258) – but exclude the source from the References list.

How do you cite legislative history?

Citation of legislative material is covered by rule 13. The Bluebook states that when citing United States legislative material (except debates), you should include the title, if relevant, the abbreviated name of the chamber, the number of the Congress, the number assigned to the material, and the year of publication.

How do you reference a bill?

Citing a Federal Bill Include the bill title (if relevant), the abbreviated name of the house (H.R. or S.) and number of the bill, the number of the Congress, and the year of publication. When the URL is available, include it at the end of the reference list entry.

How do you cite Congress?

Cite a congressional document by following the MLA format template. Begin by listing the government entity as the author, followed by the title of the source. Then list the name of the publisher and the date: United States, Congress, House, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.