How do I get free access to Manupatra?

How do I get free access to Manupatra?

To activate your Free Manupatra Trial Account, please fill in the following form with a valid phone number. A Manupatra representative will get in touch with you to activate a trial account. The free trial will give you access to the entire database for a period of 24 hours from time of activation.

Is Manupatra a search engine?

Manupatra has a powerful and exhaustive Citation search. Select International citation to search for cases from US, UK, Srilanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Who is Manupatra?

Manupatra is India’s premier online research service for the legal community. Manupatra enables legal professionals to retrieve cases, statutes, and other documents from Manupatra’s vast library of legal and business materials.

How many type of searches are there in Manupatra?

1. Manu Search — Word and phrase search interface provides flexibility of Simple, Boolean and Proximity Search. 2. Legal Search — Field Search interface allows you to search for Judgments on Act, Case Note, Appellant/ Respondent/Judge Name, Date Subject, Sub-Subject and Citation.

How do I get Manupatra access?

Logging on

  1. Go to www.manupatra.com and click Enter.
  2. Enter your Sign In and Password and click on Login.

How do you get Manupatra?

Call our representative or reach us at [email protected] for details on additional licenses and multiple year subscription pricing. All prices listed below are for annual subscription, inclusive of taxes; for Subscribers based in India.

How do I find my commentary on Manupatra?

Viewing Commentary on particular Section / Order / Article When we click on the Act, there is a Maroon colour icon which appears across in front of the Section/Order/ Article. Click on the icon to view the Commentary on that particular Section/Order/Article.

Who is the owner of Manupatra?

Deepak Kapoor
ILJ’s Shreyas Gupta speaks with Deepak Kapoor, Founder & CEO, Manupatra on how he came up with the idea of building an IT platform and linking it to the legal world.

How do you cite a judgment?

Here are the three basic elements for an APA Style reference for most court decisions:

  1. Name of the case: Name v. Name.
  2. Source reporting the decision: Volume Source Page.
  3. Court and date of the decision: (Court Date)

Is CaseMine free for students?

Free sign up for Students If you are a law student or law school academician or research scholar in the domain, anywhere in India, UK or US, CaseMine is FREE FOR YOU! Your free subscription of the most versatile & feature-intensive legal research platform is just a click away.