How do I choose a supervisor?

How do I choose a supervisor?

The PhD journey: how to choose a good supervisorShared interests are the building blocks of your relationship. A good supervisor says all the right things. Choose a supervisor who excites you. Supervisors can be stereotyped – pick your favourite. Personal chemistry is important. See a variety of people. Keep channels of communication free from static.

What does a PhD supervisor do?

The key role of a research degree supervisor is to assist and support a student throughout their academic studies. Duties and Key Responsibilities: Ensuring compliance with all College policies and regulations, including the key policies and procedures relating to supervision and examination.

Can an assistant professor be a PhD advisor?

A2A Yes, you can choose an assistant professor as advisor but you may be required to have a co advisor who is a tenured faculty member; however, I don’t recommend making an non tenured faculty member as your advisor because he or she may not be granted tenure and may elect to work in industry leaving you in limbo.

How do I get a good PhD?

Here, my top ten tips: Choose your project and your supervisor wisely (see [3] for more advice on this). If you are going to do experimental work, be prepared for unexpected setbacks. Devote your mind and soul to your PhD. Be reliable. Ban perfectionism, but be professional! Write at every opportunity.