Does the farm do surgery on Betty?

Does the farm do surgery on Betty?

Luckily, Betty is able to see through Edgar’s hypnosis act by fashioning earplugs out of some candle wax. Soon after that, Betty figures out why Edgar really goes through all this trouble to hypnotize people: The Farm is actually a super creepy organ collection operation.

Did Betty really drown her cat?

Betty didn’t drown Caramel — she bashed the cat’s head in with a rock after she was hit by a car. When Betty tells Charles she needs to leave the program to avoid the inherent darkness in her own heart, he counters.

Is the farm a bad place in Riverdale?

The Farm, despite initial belief, is not solely a safe haven located upstate, but a group of individuals who share the same beliefs and are led by Edgar Evernever. The group is often referred to as a cult, though Polly is persistent in her claims that they are nothing of the sorts and that they “healed” her.

Who Killed Baby teeth in Riverdale?

Brandon “Baby Teeth” Morris was an inmate at Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center until he was released and later captured and killed by the Gargoyle Gang. While training in the yard with the other fighters, Baby Teeth meets Archie, Warden Norton’s newest fighter.

Who is Edgar Evernever daughter?

Evelyn is the daughter of Edgar Evernever. The leader of the Farm. Evelyn explains that she now attends Riverdale High School and that she stopped by to greet her and inform Betty that she won’t tell anyone about her seizure from the other night. As it turns out, Evelyn was present during Betty’s incident.

What did Edgar Evernever do to Betty?

First, Betty comes to the realization that Edgar Evernever is using hypnosis in order to make his followers see their deceased loved ones. He works his magic on her, causing Betty to confront an evil version of herself who tries to convince Betty that she has done terrible things she can no longer remember.

Does Betty have the serial killer gene?

Betty Cooper Yes, Betty does have the serial killer gene — much to her disappointment. Thus far, Betty hasn’t killed anyone, and has done everything in her power to fight crime and bring murderers to justice.

Who dies in Season 5 of Riverdale?

Alice came to terms with Polly’s death. Season five put Alice through an emotional roller coaster, culminating in the inevitable revelation that Polly was murdered.

Is Polly Cooper bad in Riverdale?

As stated by Chuck Clayton, who claimed to have gotten his information from Jason, Polly was a bad girl, a prude by day but a freak in the sheets at night.

What does Edgar Evernever want with Betty?

He wishes to protect both Betty and Alice. With very few options, Betty agrees to stay at the Farm. Polly, Edgar, and Alice tell Betty that she has the serial killer gene Edgar has brought Betty, Polly, and Alice together as they have something to tell Betty.

Is Edgar actually Evelyn’s dad?

Evelyn is the daughter of Edgar Evernever. The leader of the Farm.