Can I use my phone as a home theater remote?

Can I use my phone as a home theater remote?

Most Android smartphones have infrared emitters built right in. The simplest way to control your home theater from your mobile device is to use infrared. While these apps are worth trying out, a better bet is to download a third-party universal remote app such as IR Universal Remote or Galaxy Universal Remote.

How can I control my Sony home theater with my phone?

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  1. Go to Market on your Android-powered device.
  2. Select Search.
  3. Enter Media Remote for Android into the search field.
  4. Once you have found the Media Remote for Android app, touch to install.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.

How do I control my AV receiver with my iPhone?

AV Receiver Remote 4+

  1. Prepare your Sony receiver.
  2. Connect your iPhone/iPod touch to the same network as your receiver.
  3. On the application home screen, tap “Application Settings”, and select “Connection.”
  4. Tap on any displayed receiver that you want to operate.

How do I connect my phone to my home theater system?

Android devices with NFC:

  1. Enable the NFC settings on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the Music Center icon to launch Music Center.
  3. Tap the + (Add Device) button, then select Connect by NFC.
  4. Touch the NFC mark on your mobile device to the NFC mark on your audio device.

How do you calibrate an AV receiver?

Manually: Calibrate Surround Sound Levels with an SPL Meter

  1. Set your receiver to 0dB volume.
  2. Go into the System Setup menu of your AV receiver.
  3. Navigate to the speaker setup submenu.
  4. Select channel level or speaker level (in some receivers you need to enable the test tone)
  5. Select the Left speaker.

How do I pair my Samsung home theater remote?


  1. Press the TV button to set the remote to TV mode.
  2. Press the POWER button to turn on the TV.
  3. While holding down the POWER button, enter the code corresponding to your brand of TV. •
  4. If the TV turns off, the setting is complete. •

Are there any apps for remote home theater?

Check out some interesting remote control apps that make operating your home theater system with your phone easier. Thorough technical support. Frequently updated to support new devices. Online documentation. Learning curve. Setup takes time. May have more features than you need.

Which is the best universal remote for home theater?

The Best Universal Remotes to Control Your Entire Home Theater. 1 1. SofaBaton U1. SofaBaton hits a sweet spot with its U1 Universal remote. The company says it’s compatible with more than 500,000 devices from 6,000+ 2 2. GE Universal Remote Control. 3 3. Logitech Harmony 950 Touch.

Is there an app for a smart TV remote?

With IR and Wi-Fi support, the Sure Universal Smart TV Remote app can control many home theater and smart home devices. For added flexibility, Sure Remote also supports Alexa Voice control.

Which is the best remote control app for Android?

The Amazon Alexa app is one of the most versatile remote apps available. Whether you download the Alexa app to your iOS device or the Alexa app for your Android phone, you can link it to Amazon’s Echo and some third party-devices and enable any one of several Alexa skills from there.