Can I redirect a POST request?

Can I redirect a POST request?

in response to a POST request. Rather, the RFC simply states that the browser should alert the user and present an option to proceed or to cancel without reposting data to the new location. Unless you write complex server code, you can’t force POST redirection and preserve posted data.

How do you get a 302 response?

In other words, redirect 302 is activated when Google robots or other search engines request to load a specific page. At that moment, thanks to this redirection, the server returns an automatic response indicating a new URL.

Is a redirect a post or get?

POST: A form is sent to the server with a post-request and an entry in the database is changed. Redirect: After a post request, the correct webpage with the changed data is delivered to the client using the redirect instruction (HTTP 303).

What does the 302 Found redirect mean in http?

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 302 Found redirect status response code indicates that the resource requested has been temporarily moved to the URL given by the Location header.

What happens if a redirect is 301 or 308?

If a client sees a 308 redirect, it MUST repeat the exact same request on the new location, whereas the client may change a POST request into a GET request in the case of a 301 redirect. This means that, if a POST with a body is made and the server returns a 308 status code, the client must do a POST request with the same body to the new location.

How is a redirect done in an HTTP request?

HTTP redirects are done via HTTP codes 301, and 302 (maybe other codes also) and a header field known as “Location” which has the address of the new place to go. However, browsers always send a “GET” request to that URL. However, many times you need to redirect your user to another domain via POST (bank payments for example).

Which is the correct status code 302 or 308?

Just like with status code 308, the recommendation, therefore, is to stick with 302 redirects, unless you need a POST request to be repeated (use 307 in this case) or know that intended clients support codes 303 and 307.