6 Most values for money LED TV you can buy in 2019

6 Most values for money LED TV you can buy in 2019

While entering any electronic store, what attracts customers is the sight of the flashing TVs! The recent world televisions have garnered enough prominence owing to the incorporation of more advanced technologies. And when a TV is incorporated with more advanced features, more crowds get attracted to the particular model. If you are someone searching for an affordable yet advanced LED TV, then you have apparently come in the right place. In this particular post, you will be enlightened with the six best LED TVs that are available in the recent market. To know more, keep reading on.

6 Best LED TVs

You’ll find some handpicked models that are worth your money. To know about them briefly here’s presenting six best LED TVs.

  • Panasonic TH-49FX7300D

When it comes to the LED TVs in the Indian market, it has to do anything and everything with the latest and most advanced technology to be offered to the customers. The TVs aren’t touted to be expensive, yet must have all the latest modifications. Panasonic is one such brand that comes with great LED TVs in the current market. Talking about Panasonic TH-49FX7300D, it is one of the most premium brands to offer the latest technologies. This model comes with HDR10 & HDR10+ Certified as well as Hexa Chroma Drive for wider color gamut. The big plus of buying this TV is that it will bring you amazing picture quality. It happens to be a 49-inches 4K television that features a fast refresh rate.

  • Sony KLV-32W672E

A starting size for the full HD TVs is 32 inch. Sony happens to be the first and foremost brand to have introduced the HDR in the size of 32 inches. This particular model comes with multiple offering. One such example of it being the latest is the picture quality. Another feature that is incorporated in the TV is the smart sound system. It comes with a subwoofer that can eliminate the requirement of an external soundbar. A big thumb’s up is that it comes with USB port 2. However, when you proceed to buy TV online keep in mind that this TV has an inbuilt opera OS.

  1. MI LED Smart TV

MI has garnered immense popularity over the past few years. And its garnering fame is not only because of its wide range of smartphones, but also TVs. Talking about this 4A 80 cm TV, this comes with added features only to make the customer experience even better. Apart from that, it runs the Android operating system, out of the box. The only thing missing in this particular TV is that it isn’t an HDR. So before you buy TV online, make sure that you have performed your own share of survey for buying this particular TV from the online market.

  • Thomson 40M4099
  • If you have been looking for budget TV, then this particular offering might be the best as of now. Thomson is one such brand that has emerged recently with flying colors. And talking about this particular offering, it happens to be one of the best in the range of TVs that are available from the house of Thomson. When you are concerned about how to buy TV online, this TV might be the best one available as of now. With an affordable budget, it comes with all possible features that customers wish to get in an LED TV. The model features a Samsung panel that is a big plus! The only thing missing in this particular TV is that it isn’t an HDR.

    • Samsung 49NU80000

    The size of the 49/50 inch happens to be a dynamic change with the introduction of the 4K or the Ultra HD feature. The UHD also makes a significant difference when it comes to size. This particular offering from the house of the South Korean giant is one of the best models to be available in the current TV market. The best thing about purchasing this model is that it offers HDR 10 and HDR 10+ as well as dynamic crystal color display that offers a great contrast alongside good colors too. The TV comes with 40 watts speakers that offer great sound quality.

    • TCL 65C2

    TC happens to be a Chinese tech giant which has garnered popularity for manufacturing a wide range of TVs. While it is more prominent in the International market, it is popular in the Indian market too. The model happens to be a Google certified Android TV that comes with Harman Kardon as well as Dolby Digital Sound. The TV also comes with the Google Assistant for the AI based interface. Hence, if you have to look for the great cenamatic experience of watching TV at home, then this particular offering happens to be the best bet to go for the purchase. What makes this TV a standalone option is its great picture quality and sound system. However, the only downfall of this TV is that it has a lack of support for the Dolby Vision.

    Wrap up

    Now that you are already familiar with the six best LED TVs that are available in the recent market, you can perform your survey and purchase the most excellent model effectively. But before the purchase, you should consider keeping some things in mind such as pricing, features, designs, and more.