Who has a crush on Kenichi?

Who has a crush on Kenichi?

While Kenichi goes with Sakaki to Tidat to save Miu, Kisara and the other alliance members wish him good luck. She doesn’t really interact with him much other than when he’s with Ukita, the person she has a crush on. Kenichi’s relationship with Niijima is one of the most dynamic relationships of the series.

Does Miu fall in love with Kenichi?

As stated by Jenazad’s observations of her around him even under his control, Miu’s feelings for Kenichi have developed even further and has fallen in love with Kenichi. After the Tidat incident, Miu is even more happier around Kenichi and much more closer and even intimate around Kenichi as noted by Ukita.

Does shigure have feelings for Kenichi?

Out of all the masters, Shigure trains Kenichi the least, yet it is implied she yearns to train him, and is disappointed with Kenichi’s reluctance (and fear) to use weaponry but often tries to convince him to train more.

Who is the girlfriend of Kenichi?

Yumeko is portrayed as Kenichi’s love interest.

Who is Kenichi’s strongest master?

Among Kenichi’s masters, Akisame Koetsuji is the one who really has what it takes to teach.

Who does shigure end up with?

5 Does Shigure End Up With Akito? A major twist revealed that Shigure is one of the main reasons the Sohma family is finally moving towards breaking the curse. As it turns out, Shigure has been in love with Akito this whole time—and he even knew her secret.

Who is Ninja Hattori crush?

Kanzo Hattori Tsubame has a serious crush on Hattori. She is infatuated with Hattori and will do anything to get him on her side.

How old is Kensei Ma’s daughter Renka Ma?

Renka Ma (馬 連華 Ma Renka) is the 17-year-old daughter of Kensei Ma who came to Japan in search of her father to take back to China and Kenichi as well. She is currently a second year student at Koryou High School in class 2-E with the members of the Shinpaku Alliance .

Why did Renka want to have a date with Kenichi?

Renka wanted to have a date with Kenichi, but her chance got ruined because of the thugs and Kenichi got lost. Renka appeared again to assist Kenichi in the battle against Yami disciple Spark, who specialized in the Drunken Fist martial art.

Is there going to be a Meiji Tokyo Renka movie?

Meiji Tokyo Renka was adapted into a manga series by Hiyori Hinata and ran in Monthly Asuka. A manga anthology drawn by several artists was later released in 2016. An animated film project was announced in January 2013, and the cast from the original game reprised their roles.

What kind of strength does Renka Ma have?

Enhanced Strength: Renka has constantly shown remarkable strength which is capable of sending grown men flying a considerable distance and able to break down a wall with a few kicks. Apparently, it was her strike that broke Ortal Sin’s katar.