What is parafoveal processing?

What is parafoveal processing?

As regards parafoveal processing, the research shows that lower-level visual features, such as the length and the visual shape of words, are extracted during reading. Moreover, readers also gain orthographic and phonological information from the parafoveal word.

How does parafoveal vision work?

While the subject’s eyes are on the fixation point, the parafoveal stimulus is a preview word (or nonword) that, once the subject’s eyes cross the boundary, changes to a target word, which is named (lexical decision and categorization responses have also been used).

What does parafoveal mean?

Medical Definition of parafoveal 1 : surrounding the fovea parafoveal regions of the retina. 2 : dependent on parts of the retina external to the fovea parafoveal vision parafoveal threshold of reaction.

What function does parafoveal vision play in reading?

Readers used parafoveal length information to direct their saccade toward the middle of the upcoming word. Thus, they landed further into the target when they received a preview of the compound and were less likely to fixate the first lexeme in these cases.

What is Parafoveal preview benefit?

In conditions in which the preview (the word or characters available before the display change) provides useful information, parafoveal preprocessing leads to shorter reading times on the critical word (this shortening is known as “preview benefit”).

What is Parafoveal region?

Parafovea or the parafoveal belt is a region in the retina that circumscribes the fovea and is part of the macula lutea. It is circumscribed by the perifovea.

What is the function of the parafovea?

Information in the parafovea can influence the processing of a scene. In categorization tasks of natural scenes information from the parafovea can be used to determine the gist of a scene well enough for a categorization judgement, though with reduced sensitivity and speed in comparison to foveal vision.

What is Parafoveal telangiectasia?

Parafoveal (para = near or beside), also known as perifoveal (peri = around) telangiectasia or macular telangiectasia is an uncommon disease in which the capillaries and small blood vessels surrounding the fovea are abnormal and can cause visual loss.

What is parafoveal preview benefit?

What is parafoveal reading?

In languages that read from left to right, the word immediately to the right of the fixated word is known as the parafoveal word. Information present in the parafovea can interact with information present in the fovea.

What is the importance of parafoveal processing in reading?

The importance of parafoveal processing for information acquisition and eye movement control has been one of the most important subjects of experimental reading research during the last 25 years.

How does the parafoveal preview benefit effect work?

Such studies dealing with the parafoveal preview benefit effect show that masking letters of a parafoveally available word reduces the saccade size compared with no masking situations. The data are interpreted as showing that the eye is sent further into the word as some word information has been integrated in parafovea.

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How does the parafovea affect the word recognition process?

If the letter integration process that is initiated in the parafovea is closely related to initial phases of the word recognition process, then the degree of informativeness of a sequence of letters should affect the positioning of the eyes on the target word.