What is micro antenna?

What is micro antenna?

In telecommunication, a microstrip antenna (also known as a printed antenna) usually means an antenna fabricated using photolithographic techniques on a printed circuit board (PCB). It is a kind of internal antenna. They are mostly used at microwave frequencies.

What are microstrip antennas used for?

In global positioning satellite (GPS) systems, circularly polarised microstrip antennae are used. They are very compact in size and quite expensive due to their positioning. Microstrip antennae are also used in the fields of RFID (radio frequency identification), mobile communication and healthcare.

How does a microstrip antenna work?

The microstrip consists of a very thin metallic strip placed on a ground plane with a dielectric material in-between. When the antenna is excited, the waves generated within the di-electric undergo reflections and the energy is radiated from the edges of the metal patch which is very low.

What are the types of microstrip antenna?

There are three types in microstrip antenna: Microstrip patch antenna, Microstrip slot/travelling antenna and Printed dipole antenna. Among the above three types microstrip patch antenna can have any shape.

What is pyramidal horn antenna?

Pyramidal horn (a, right) – a horn antenna with the horn in the shape of a four-sided pyramid, with a rectangular cross section. They are a common type, used with rectangular waveguides, and radiate linearly polarized radio waves. These types are often used as feed horns for wide search radar antennas.

How can I make my antenna smaller?

You either resonate the shorter antenna with a base inductor or a capacitive cap at the end, or you make a non-resonant loop antenna and drive it with a 30 MHz current source. You can play around with some funny shapes, like a pitchfork, to get the size down too.

What is the gain of an antenna?

Antenna gain is the ability of the antenna to radiate more or less in any direction compared to a theoretical antenna. If an antenna could be made as a perfect sphere, it would radiate equally in all directions.

What is the difference between directivity and antenna gain?

By definition, directivity is the ability of an antenna to focus the radiation to a particular direction, whereas, the gain is the ability of the antenna to convert the input power into radio waves in a particular direction.

What kind of transmitter is a microwave antenna?

A microwave antenna is a physical transmission device used to broadcast microwave transmissions between two or more locations .

What kind of antenna is a micro strip?

Micro Strip Patch Antenna The microstrip patch antenna has a patch used for radiating and that connects to a ground plane on one of its parts and a dielectric substrate on the opposite side. Generally, the patch antenna contains conducting metals such as gold and copper.

Can a microvert be used as a dipole antenna?

While the Microvert doesn’t perform as well as a dipole antenna, it can get you on the air where large antennas are not suitable or allowed. A MicroVert calculator can be found here:

What kind of antenna is a microwave horn?

It’s also referred to as a microwave horn. A horn antenna is comprised of a waveguide, which has flared end walls on the outside forming a structure that looks like a megaphone. The horns are used widely as antennas microwave frequencies above 300 MHz and ultra-high frequencies.