What is Juniper Virtual Chassis?

What is Juniper Virtual Chassis?

Virtual Chassis Basics on Switches. Virtual Chassis is a feature on Juniper Networks routing or switching devices that provides network resiliency in the form of redundant Routing Engines and network expansion flexibility with minimal impact to a configuration.

How do I add people to a virtual chassis?

Connect only one VCP on the unpowered new switch to a VCP on a member switch in the existing Virtual Chassis at this point of the procedure. Power on the new member switch. Confirm that the new member switch is now included within the Virtual Chassis configuration by checking the front-panel LCD for the member ID.

Can you stack Juniper switches?

You can interconnect up to ten EX4600 switches or a combination of up to ten EX4600 and EX4300 switches into an EX4600 Virtual Chassis.

How do I upgrade my virtual chassis Juniper?

To upgrade all members, use the command request system software add reboot on the primary chassis (RE). This command will upload the software file to all Virtual Chassis (VC) members and reboot them when the upload is complete.

What is Virtual Router in Juniper?

In Junos Software, a virtual router is a type of routing instance, which is a collection of routing tables, interfaces, and routing option settings. To establish a virtual router, you do the following: Create a virtual router. Assign an interface to a virtual router (if not inet.

What is a revenue port?

The ports that brings you money. The ports where you can connect the users/servers/downstream switches.

How do I get rid of virtual chassis?

To delete the Virtual Chassis member IDs from both member routers or switches and disable Virtual Chassis mode:

  1. In the console window on the router or switch configured as member 0, delete member ID 0.
  2. In the console window on the router or switch configured as member 1, delete member ID 1.

How do I update Juniper ex4600?

To upgrade Junos on these switches we have been:

  1. Using WinSCP to copy the .tgz file into /var/tmp.
  2. Issuing this command. request system software add /var/tmp/
  3. Then this command. request system reboot all-members.

What is the difference between VRF and virtual router?

Virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) is a technology based on the operating principle of a physical router. Unlike a single router, virtual routers (VR) can be run simultaneously as multiple instances. Virtual routing can be used to segment network paths without using additional devices.

What is difference between virtual router and logical system?

Virtual router routing instances enable us to isolate traffic without using multiple devices to segment your network. Logical systems work like full-fledged Routers i.e. their own Routing instances, own management independent of other other logical systems in same Router chassis.

How to configure Juniper Networks EX4600 Virtual Chassis?

To configure the Virtual Chassis using a nonprovisioned configuration: You can configure a EX4600 Virtual Chassis while the cables are or are not physically connected. Power on only the switch that you plan to use as the primary switch. If you are configuring a mixed EX4300 and EX4600 Virtual Chassis, you must use an EX4600 switch.

How to configure an ex4300 Virtual Chassis?

A mixed EX4600 Virtual Chassis that includes EX4600 and EX4300 member switches: Configuring EX4600 Switches in a Mixed or Non-Mixed Virtual Chassis. A mixed QFX Series Virtual Chassis that includes supported QFX Series and EX4300 switches: Configuring an EX4650 or a QFX Series Virtual Chassis.

Can you configure EX4600 switches in a mixed chassis?

It does not cover EX4650 Virtual Chassis, which is more like a QFX5120 Virtual Chassis than an QFX4600 Virtual Chassis; instead, see Configuring an EX4650 or a QFX Series Virtual Chassis. A mixed EX4600 Virtual Chassis can include any models of EX4300 switches except multigigabit EX4300 models (EX4300-48MP).

Can a multigigabit switch interconnect to an ex4300?

You can interconnect EX4300 switches excluding multigigabit models into a non-mixed EX4300 Virtual Chassis. You can also connect EX4300 multigigabit model switches (EX4300-48MP) together into a non-mixed EX4300 Virtual Chassis. You must configure the Virtual Chassis into mixed mode.