What is Hapara teacher dashboard?

What is Hapara teacher dashboard?

Hapara Dashboard is the central hub for viewing learners’ work in G Suite. It’s an organized, simple platform that enables teachers to view, access, and give feedback on digital work.

What is Hāpara dashboard?

Hāpara Teacher Dashboard allows teachers to easily view all learner work from one central hub (even when it wasn’t shared with them), organize learners into differentiated groups and quickly share out documents and resources.

Can Hapara see my personal computer?

Personal devices, personal accounts, and personal cloud storage remain just as private and secure as students choose to keep them. When students use home computers to access Google Drive, teachers still cannot see what’s on the home computer. Hapara does not work on your home computer.

What is the cost of Hapara?

License. Hāpara licensing per student pricing for schools/districts – School leaders and district administrators can purchase an annual license for $2.00 – $5.95 per student.

Why do teachers use Hapara?

Hapara Teacher Dashboard provides many advantages over the traditional Google Drive interface by displaying a snapshot of your entire class. These benefits include: A bird’s-eye view of each student’s activity in Google Apps. Subject folders automatically created for students in their Google Drive.

How do I add a class in Hapara?

Browse to Manage Classes. Select the Add new class button in the top right corner. If a drop down opens, click Add from Google Classroom. Select the classes you wish to sync into Hapara Dashboard, and then select Add Classrooms.

Is Hapara an LMS?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are growing in popularity in primary and secondary education settings. At Hapara, we are getting more requests from schools that use LMS’s like Schoology, Edmodo, and Canvas to make it easier for Hapara’s Instructional Management System (IMS) to seamlessly integrate with these LMS’s.

How do I monitor students on Hapara?

Learning Activity:

  1. Click on the Browser tab link to view the tab(s) the students have open.
  2. Explore the buttons at the top right of each student panel.
  3. Click the Current Screens tab to view the current screens for all your students.

Can teachers use Hapara on personal devices?

Hapara Teacher Dashboard and Hapara Interact only work with school-owned devices and school-managed Google Drive and GMail accounts. Personal devices, personal accounts, and personal cloud storage remain just as private and secure as students choose to keep them. Hapra only works on school-managed Chromebooks.

What do you need to know about Hapara teacher dashboard?

Provide timely, ongoing formative feedback to learners starting with a single view of all students. Start with who people are, what they believe, what’s powerful for them, and help them to connect new affordances and ideas, new opportunities, and new technologies, to those older ideas, to see where we can go together.

Do you use Hapara as a digital tool?

It is always a pleasure to use Hāpara as part of my digital tools. Honestly, I am not quite sure how I would teach in our digital landscape effectively without it. I look forward to continuing to support my student’s learning with Hāpara as part of my digital toolkit.

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