What is fluid bed dryer principle?

What is fluid bed dryer principle?

Fluid bed dryers work on the principle of fluidization, a process where a material is converted from a static solid-like state to a dynamic fluid-like state. In this process, hot gas or air is introduced through a perforated distribution plate into the area holding the material.

At what temperature are moist granules dried?

The screened moist granules are dried in an oven at a controlled temperature not exceeding 550C to a consistent weight or constant moisture content.

What should be the air pressure of panel in FBD?

5.7 Check that pressure is proper in pressure indicating switch i.e 0.210 to 0.250 kg/cm2 for panel pressure & 2.0 to 2.60 kg/cm2 for inflatable tube.

How does a fluid bed granulator work?

Granulation in a fluidized bed granulator is achieved by suspending the powder in the air of the fluidized bed and then spraying the binder solution from nozzles that are either positioned above or below the powder bed depending on the type of the granulator.

Why do we use wet granulation?

Wet granulation reduces the level of dust present during manufacturing process thereby reducing the incidence of cross-contamination and risk to workers. 9. Wet granulation reduces the amount of air entrapment thereby increasing powder compressibility.

What is fluid bed agglomeration process?

The fluid bed granulation process (also known as agglomeration) involves suspending particulates in an air stream and spraying a liquid from the top down onto the fluidized bed. Particles in the path of the spray get slightly wetted and become tacky.

What is rapid mixer granulator?

Rapid mixer granulator is used for granulation in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It is used to mix the pharmaceutical ingredients and make the granules before compression and also called a high shear mixer. Impellers and chopper are mainly responsible for wet granulation in the rapid mixer granulator.

What is fluid bed granulation?

The fluid bed granulation process (also known as agglomeration) involves suspending particles in an air stream and spraying a liquid from the top of the system down onto the fluidized bed (top-down spray). Particles in the path of the spray get slightly wet and become sticky.

Which product is dried by spray dryer?

Spray drying is the process in which liquid is transformed into dried particles by spraying the feed into hot drying medium. The feed can either be a solution, suspension or paste. It is generally used to prepare milk, coffee and fruit juice powder.

What is a fluid bed dryer used for?

A fluid bed dryer is used for continuous drying of various materials like powders and 2D or 3D dimensional materials up to 100 mm.

What is a fluidized bed?

Fluidized bed. A fluidised bed is a physical phenomenon occurring when a quantity of a solid particulate substance (usually present in a holding vessel) is placed under appropriate conditions to cause a solid/fluid mixture to behave as a fluid.

What is a fluid bed processor?

Fluid Bed Processor. APPLICATION. The purpose of fluid bed processor is to put substances in powdery or granular form into a suspended state. The fluidizing air in this equipment will enable a very efficient heat and mass transfer ( heating, drying, granulating/Coating)