What is field equipment controller?

What is field equipment controller?

The Field Equipment Controller (FEC) Series products are programmable controllers that can be switched between BACnet® MS/TP and N2 communications protocols. When they are used as BACnet MS/TP devices, they are BACnet Application Specific Controllers (B-ASCs) with integral MS/TP communications.

Does Metasys use BACnet?

All of our Metasys® FECs are configured for BACnet support wireless communications using ZFR System accessories. Standard BACnet Protocol – Provides interoperability with other Building Automation System (BAS) products that use the widely accepted BACnet standard.

What protocol does Metasys use?

standard BACnet protocol
The Metasys system FEC Family Controllers and network sensors communicate using either the standard BACnet protocol, based on the ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2008, or the BACnet/IP protocol. The BACnet protocol is a standard for ANSI, ASHRAE, and the International Standards Organization (ISO) for building controls.

How does Metasys work?

This intelligent, world-class technology system connects your commercial HVAC, lighting, security and protection systems – enabling them to communicate on a single platform to deliver the information you need, allowing you to make smarter, savvier decisions while enhancing your occupants’ comfort, safety and …

What is the difference between N2 and BACnet?

Metasys N2 is a Serial protocol, while BACnet IP is an Ethernet based Protocol. You need something that will convert data from BACnet IP device to Metasys N2 and vice versa. It caches this data internally and then provides it on BACnet IP when requested from the SCADA system.

What port does Metasys launcher use?

Required if you use TLS with the Metasys UI and the Metasys UI Offline for site security. Port 443 is used for secure web browser communication.

How do you navigate Metasys?

The Navigation panel is on the left side of your screen, and you can display it or hide it using the hamburger button. To navigate to a specific room, select the highest level in your navigation panel. For example, the building your room is in, and then select the floor the room is on.

Is JCI Metasys proprietary?

Metasys BAS is a proprietary system providing an automated, computer-networked distributed control system to monitor the mechanical, security, fire, flood, lighting, heating/air conditioning, and ventilation systems located within government facilities.

What is N2 protocol?

Metasys™ N2 is a Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) protocol that was used to bring together building automation devices onto the JCI Building Management System (BMS). This protocol was an integral part of JCI building automation controllers.

How to check for Metasys system field equipment?

Check specific controller documentation and regional, national, and local code requirements for appropriate applications.

Can a Metasys controller be used as a N2 controller?

VMA16 (16-bit) Series Controllers are also part of this family of controllers but cannot be configured as N2 Controllers. For demanding environments, such as rooftop applications, extended temperature range models are available that provide accurate control over a wider operational temperature range.

What kind of communications protocol does a Metasys controller use?

Some controllers use the BACnet®/IP communications protocol and other controllers are switchable to use either the MS/ TP or N2 communications protocol. Both the BACnet/IP controllers and the field controllers in MS/TP mode are BACnet network-compliant devices.

Which is third party agency validates Metasys Bas products?

BTL is a third-party agency which validates that BAS vendor products meet the BACnet industry-standard protocol. 32-bit microprocessor ensures optimum performance and meets industry specifications. BACnet Automatic Discovery support enables easy controller integration into Metasys BAS.