What is another word for drop down?

What is another word for drop down?

What is another word for drop-down?

subside collapse
drop down give way
fall tumble
plunge founder
topple pitch

What can replace custom synonyms?

Synonyms of custom

  • fashion,
  • habit,
  • habitude,
  • pattern,
  • practice.
  • (also practise),
  • ritual,
  • second nature,

What is the meaning of drip down?

to fall in drops, or let liquid fall in drops: [ I ] The sweat dripped down his nose and cheeks.

What is the best synonym for customize?


  • custom-make.
  • tailor-make.
  • personalize.
  • tailor.
  • contrive.
  • design.
  • fashion.

What is a good synonym for customized?


  • custom-built.
  • custom-made.
  • made-to-order.
  • personalized.
  • tailored.
  • custom.
  • specially made.
  • tailor-made.

Is it drop-down or drop-down?

Part of that magic may have something to do with the hyphen in “drop-down,” so it’s probably best not to meddle. On the other hand, Merriam-Webster lists “drop-down” and “dropdown” as equal variants for the noun form (the adjective form is always hyphenated), so maybe there’s hope for you.

Is drop-down list one word?

If it’s just the compound adjective, use drop-down list. Note, however, that there are classes of components in various frameworks that are called DropDown or DropDownList or various alternatives of the same thing.

What are the types of drip?

According to emitters which control the quantity and rate of water discharge, trickle or drip irrigation systems can be divided into four types:

  • Point-source emitters (drip bubbler)
  • In-line drip emitter.
  • Basin bubblers.
  • Micro spray sprinkler.

What is a Dreep?

Filters. (Scotland) To lower oneself from a height and drop the remaining distance.

What is a synonym for customizable?

custom-built. custom-made. made-to-order. personalized. tailored.

What does a drop out do on a bicycle?

A bicycle dropout ( drop out, frame end, or fork end), is a slot in a frame or fork where the axle of the wheel is attached. On bicycles that do not have a derailleur or other chain tensioning device, rear horizontal dropouts allow adjustment of chain tension, and can accommodate a range…

What’s the best synonym for the word dropout?

The self-taught college dropout used open-source information – such as data from social media, Google Maps, Google Earth – and help from a fellow community of fact-finding enthusiasts. BELLINGCAT HAS REVEALED WAR CRIMES IN SYRIA AND UNMASKED RUSSIAN ASSASSINS.

What kind of dropout does a derailleur have?

In general, a modern bicycle frame intended for derailleur gears will have a vertical dropout, while one designed for singlespeed or hub gears will have horizontal dropouts. The derailleur hanger or mech hanger is the part of the dropout that the rear derailleur attaches to.

Is there such a thing as a custom bicycle?

THE CUSTOM BICYCLE usually found on inexpensive production bicycles although there are certain custom frame builders who prefer the pressed crowns. They are the weakest of the three crowns. In general, quality frame builders depend on forged or cast crowns according to the use of the bicycle.