What is a modern day communist country?

What is a modern day communist country?

Today, the existing communist states in the world are in China, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam.

Is there such thing as a communist flag?

These symbols often appear in yellow on a red background. The flag of the Soviet Union incorporated a yellow-outlined red star and a yellow hammer and sickle on red. The hammer and sickle have become the pan-communist symbol, appearing on the flags of most communist parties around the world.

Why is communism red?

The oldest symbol of socialism (and by extension communism) is the Red Flag, which dates back to the French Revolution in the 18th century and the revolutions of 1848. The colour red was chosen to represent the blood of the workers who died in the struggle against capitalism.

What does the communism symbol mean?

The hammer and sickle (Unicode: ☭) are a symbol of the communist movement. The hammer stands for the industrial working class while the sickle represents the agricultural workers; together the hammer and sickle represent the unity of these two groups.

What is the symbol of communism?

The five-pointed red star is a symbol of communism as well as broader socialism in general. The red star was a revolutionary symbol after the October Revolution and following civil war in Russia.

What does the color red have to do with communism?

Most other communist countries adopted Russia’s use of the color red. The most common reason given by communists for using red is that it symbolizes the blood of the proletariat, or working class, which was shed in their revolution. It is also possible that red was chosen by Russian revolutionaries simply because…

What does the Soviet symbol mean?

The red colour represented Communism, the state ideology of the Soviet Union. the symbol in the top left corner is the symbol of the Communist Party, the hammer and the sickle represent the union of of the proletariat (the industrial workers) and the peasants. The star represents the party’s guidance of both.