What is a living-learning community?

What is a living-learning community?

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are specialized living environments that cater to students who share similar interests or majors. LLCs provide a unique opportunity for students to learn both inside and outside of the classroom.

What is an LLC FSU?

At Florida State, a Living–Learning Community (LLC) is a small group of students who live together, share an interest, and take one or two of their classes together — usually in a small classroom inside their residence hall.

What is a living-learning community UF?

Each community is aligned with a UF college or department, specific field of study, and committed faculty members. These communities create a cohort experience that enable residents to connect with peers on similar academic and career paths.

What are the benefits of a Living-Learning Community?

Learning Communities provide the following benefits:

  • Participation in an LC boosts the chances of academic success.
  • Students in LCs get to know their professors and classmates better.
  • Students in LCs create lasting friendships.
  • Students in LCs have the opportunity to broaden their learning experience.

Are Living Learning Communities worth it?

Research suggests that participation in a Living Learning Community leads to increased academic engagement and satisfaction with college experiences. This is even true for students at larger institutions, where Living Learning Communities can make a campus feel smaller and more accessible.

What are the key components of a learning community?

Characteristics of professional learning communities include supportive and shared leadership, shared values and vision, collective learning and application of learning, supportive conditions, and shared practice (Hord, 2004).

Does University of Florida have gender inclusive housing?

LGBTQ+ students can look forward to living at UF’s first gender-neutral housing, the Lavender LLC this Summer — an initiative to build a more inclusive, unified and welcoming community on campus. The LLC will officially open in Summer B in the Springs Complex for all current and incoming UF students.

What is the advantage of learning together?

When we learn together, collectively, we learn more. We also develop the ability to adapt more to each and every individual’s needs and to increase the access and inclusiveness of tools and resources. The collective knowledge grows at a much faster speed for everyone when we learn together.

What is the best online learning community?

15 Free Online Learning Communities

  • Livemocha – More than 4 million people have joined Livemocha to learn a new language together.
  • Busuu – Language learners who join this free language community can practice their skills with other people around the world.

How to apply for university housing Living Learning Communities?

Selection is competitive and based on the quality of a brief LLC application. To learn more about each community and how to apply, explore the links on this page or contact University Housing. Students who are admitted to the First Year Abroad (FYA) program are also able to benefit from LLCs.

Do you need a LLC to live at FSU?

If you’re admitted to FSU as a First Time in College student, there’s an LLC for you — regardless of your major, career goals, or accelerated credit earned in high school. Once you’ve submitted your Fall/Spring housing contract, consider applying for one or more LLCs. Selection is competitive and based on the quality of a brief LLC application.

How is a music Living Learning Community selected?

For the Music Living-Learning Community, selection is based on the student’s audition to the FSU College of Music or the School of Theatre and on their GPA. For all other LLCs, selection is based on a brief online essay application.