What engine code is my Astra?

What engine code is my Astra?

Registered. Just for your info the engine number and engine code are stamped on the leading edge where the engine block and gearbox meet. Normally hidden by dirt.

What is pedal test Astra?

A pedal test is a way of getting the car to flash up codes on the engine light. This is the also called the SVS (Service Vehicle Soon), or the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp).

What does code 84 mean on Vauxhall Astra?

reduced engine power
Code 84 (reduced engine power). Thermal problems may cause the aforementioned error message in the DIC. The engine power is throttled.

Where do I find my engine code?

Find it in the lower corner of your windshield on the driver’s side. Your VIN number is your vehicle identification number and you can find your engine size by VIN number. In the series of numbers and letters, the tenth from the left denotes the model year and the eighth is the engine codes.

What is code 59 on a Vauxhall Astra?

Tyre pressure imbalance on front axle. Tyres without Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors detected. 59. Open then close driver window.

What is the error code for Opel Astra Astra?

P0161 Oxygen Sensor Heater 2 (Bank 2) is defective P0162 Oxygen Sensor 3 (Bank 2) is defective P0163 Low output of the oxygen sensor 3 (Bank 2) P0164 High output of the oxygen sensor 3 (Bank 2) P0165 Slow response of oxygen sensor 3 (bank 2) to enrichment / depletion

How to find error codes or a pedal test Opel Vauxhall?

The error codes are 0100 and 0110 (Mass Or Volume Air Flow Circuit Malfunction), last two digits doesn’t count. A list with all error codes for the Opel / Vauxhall Astra H, Zafira, Vectra can be found below: P0030 O2 Sensor Heater Powerstage High Temperature (Bank 1 Sensor 1) C-029

How to check INSP 4 on Opel Astra?

InSP 4 – Water in a diesel fuel filter (currently not relevant, but in the future everything can be) 2. press and hold the daily mileage button 3. while holding the daily mileage button, turn on the ignition 4. wait until 4 dashes appear on the daily run line 6. check whether the inscription appears 2.

What is the error code for the oxygen sensor?

P0123 High output throttle position sensor “A” P0125 Low coolant temperature for closed loop control P0130 Oxygen sensor 1 (bank 1) is defective P0131 Low signal of the oxygen sensor 1 (bank 1) P0132 High signal of the oxygen sensor 1 (bank 1) P0133 Slow response of oxygen sensor 1 (bank 1) to enrichment / depletion