What does sort do in SAS?

What does sort do in SAS?

The SORT procedure orders SAS data set observations by the values of one or more character or numeric variables. The SORT procedure either replaces the original data set or creates a new data set.

Can you sort by two variables in SAS?

SAS allows multiple variable sorting, so we can sort multiple variables at the same time.

How do you sort a sort function?

Excel SORT Function

  1. array – Range or array to sort.
  2. sort_index – [optional] Column index to use for sorting. Default is 1.
  3. sort_order – [optional] 1 = Ascending, -1 = Descending. Default is ascending order.
  4. by_col – [optional] TRUE = sort by column. FALSE = sort by row. Default is FALSE.

How do I reverse sort in SAS?

  1. If you list just one variable, then SAS will sort the observations in the dataset based on ascending values of that variable.
  2. You can sort in descending order by placing the keyword DESCENDING before the variable name that you want the dataset to be sorted on.
  3. You can sort by as many variables as are in the dataset.

What is the use of sort function?

The SORT function is provided to sort data in an array. If you want to sort data in the grid, it’s better to use the SORTBY function, as it is more flexible. SORTBY will respect column additions/deletions, because it references a range, where SORT references a column index number.

How do you remove duplicates in SAS?

The Sort Procedure with the NODUPKEY option is the simplest and most common way of removing duplicate values in SAS. Simply specify the NODUPKEY option in the PROC SORT statement. In the BY statement, specify the variables by which you want to remove duplicates.

How do you merge in SAS?

Merge two data sets in SAS. To merge two or more data sets in SAS, you must first sort both data sets by a shared variable upon which the merging will be based, and then use the MERGE statement in your DATA statement. If you merge data sets without sorting, called one-to-one merging, the data of the merged file will overwrite…

What is exactly the use SQL in SAS?

retrieve and manipulate data that is stored in tables or views.

  • and indexes on columns in tables.
  • create SAS macro variables that contain values from rows in a query’s result.
  • add or modify the data values in a table’s columns or insert and delete rows.
  • What is data step in SAS?

    A DATA step is a group of SAS language statements that begin with a DATA statement. The DATA statement is followed by other programming statements that manipulate existing SAS data sets or create SAS data sets from raw data files.

    How does Sas merge datasets?

    Multiple SAS data sets can be merged based on a specific common variable to give a single data set. This is done using the MERGE statement and BY statement . The total number of observations in the merged data set is often less than the sum of the number of observations in the original data sets.