What does Dil Tarasha meaning?

What does Dil Tarasha meaning?

Beloved; desirable; desiring; in love;—what one likes or longs for, heart’s desire, a beloved object; desire, affection:—dil-ḵẖẉush, adj. Read rashaa Name Meaning in Urdu With Lucky Colors For rashaa Name.

What does Kha mean in Pashto?

virginity, maiden, good.

What does Pakhair mean?

Pashto…pakhair raghlay پخير راغلې English… May u live in peace.

What does Qurban mean in Pashto?

Meaning of kurbaan in English or Pashto قربان victim, sacrifice, victim, sacrifice, victim, sacrifice.

What does Nista mean in Pashto?

session, meeting, assembly, sitting.

What does Malang mean in Pashto?

beggar, poor, dervish.

How do you compliment someone on Pashto?

کور ودان koor wadaan is another version of saying “Thank you” . سترګې دی خایسته دي stargy de khaaista dee means “Your eyes are beautiful.”. This phrase is used to answer to a compliment. For example, if someone tells you that you have beautiful hair, you would answer by saying “stargy de Khaaista dee”.

How do you praise someone in Pashto?

What does the name Pashto mean?

Means “servant, boy” in Arabic. It is often used as the first part of compound names. Means “flower, rose” in Urdu and Pashto, ultimately from Persian. From a title meaning “king, ruler”. Its origin is probably Mongolian, though the word has been transmitted into many other languages. Means “praised” in Arabic, from the same root as Muhammad.

What does Pashto alphabet mean?

Pashto alphabet. The Pashto alphabet is a modified form of the Arabic alphabet with letters added to accommodate phonemes used in Pashto that are not found in Arabic.

What is the Pashto word for Thank You?

Show gratitude (or say “thank you”). The Pashto version of this is Dera Manana. Basically, you would be saying “thank you very much” (Dera=Very much, Manana=thank you).