Is Seth Rollins injured?

Is Seth Rollins injured?

Seth Rollins is reportedly injured. It looks like the 2019 men’s WWE Royal Rumble winner Seth Rollins may be dealing with an injury. According to, Rollins has been dealing with the injury since before Brock Lesnar attacked him on WWE RAW .

When is Seth Rollins won the belt?

On March 29, 2015, at WrestleMania 31, Seth Rollins won his first WWE Championship (At that time WWE World Heavyweight Title) after defeating Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns in a Triple Threat match. Rollins became not only the first man to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase at WrestleMania, but he is also the first wrestler to inject himself into an ongoing title match with a MITB contract.

Where does Seth Rollins live?

Since sometime in 2016, Seth Rollins, whose real name is Colby Lopez, has been in a relationship with Sarah Alesandrelli. In December 2016, they took a vacation off to Mexico. Sarah Alesandrelli and Seth Rollins are now living together, Davenport, Iowa.

Who is Seth Rollins wife?

An American professional wrestler and actor, Seth Rollins,is married to Leighla Schultz. He signed to WWE.He is the first FCW Grand Slam Champion.