Is Premera the same as Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Is Premera the same as Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Premera Blue Cross (PBC) is a not-for-profit, independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

What type of plan is Premera Blue Cross?

Networks for Medicare Advantage Plans: Premera Blue Cross—Medicare Advantage (medical and dental)

How can I check my Premera coverage?

To verify if a service is covered, use Premera’s online eligibility and benefits tool, or contact Customer Service.

Does premera cover Sildenafil?

Premera is requiring a prior authorization for 20mg prescriptions of Sildenafil (generic for Revatio®) starting August 1, 2018. Without an approved prior authorization, Premera won’t cover the cost of the prescription. Revatio® (sildenafil 20mg) is approved for treatment of pulmonary hypertension.

Is Premera HMO or PPO?

or visit Premera Blue Cross is an HMO plan with a Medicare contract.

Is Premera a PPO?

Individual: Premera has individual preferred provider organization (PPO) and PPO HSA plans available to residents throughout the state of Alaska.

Is premera HMO or PPO?

What is Premera Blue Card?

BlueCard: Patient may be a customer of a Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield plan based in another state. The BlueCard program allows customers to get services while living in another Blue plan’s service area. ID Cards vary by plan. Most Premera ID cards are similar, with just a few key differences.

What is a shared deductible plan?

INTRODUCTION TO YOUR SHARED DEDUCTIBLE PLAN This plan is self-funded by Amazon and Subsidiaries (“the Group”), which means that the Group is financially responsible for the payment of plan benefits. The Group has the final discretionary authority to determine eligibility for benefits and construe the terms of the plan.

What is a benefit level exception?

Benefit Level Exceptions. Sometimes it is reasonable and desirable for a member to receive services from a provider or facility not in his/her network. Depending on the member’s benefits, out-of-network services may be covered at a lower rate, or not at all.

Does premera cover hormone replacement therapy?

Yes. The plan will cover non-surgical medical treatment (such as hormone therapy and mental health visits) for minors with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Surgical interventions are considered when individuals reach age 18 or as outlined in the benefit booklet (found at at

What are the health benefits of Premera Blue Cross?

All plans feature our 10 essential health benefits. Most plans also offer: Get to know what to expect for 2021 plans. These plans are available only through the exchange to residents in all counties within the Premera service area.

How to sign up for autopay with Premera Blue Cross?

Sign in to your account and select Manage Recurring Payments. Only the subscriber on your plan can sign up for autopay. Cost shares: This area displays the cost share (the amount you pay) for certain services, such as PCP visits, emergency room, and retail and mail-order pharmacy.

Do you need to register for another Premera plan?

If you’ve previously created an account for your 2020 Premera health plan, you do not need to register for another one. Sign in to your online account to find a doctor or select a primary care provider (PCP). On most plans, you’ll get a lower copay when you see your designated PCP (HSA plans subject to deductible and coinsurance).

How to get started with a Premera pharmacy plan?

Getting started is easy. Here are 5 things we recommend you do, so you can start using your plan right away. You can also explore the FAQs for new members or renewing members for detailed answers to all your questions. Set up your online account so you can pay your bill, track your claims, use the mail-order pharmacy and find cost estimates.