Is Johnson Matthey silver good?

Is Johnson Matthey silver good?

When it comes to silver bullion items, Engelhard and Johnson Matthey are unquestionably the best. Both of these businesses have a long history and a stellar reputation for product quality and authenticity.

When did Johnson Matthey stop making silver bars?

While Johnson Matthey stopped minting bullion bars in the eighties, a wholesaler in Dallas began offering one-ounce silver bullion bars minted for the company in 2012. Johnson Matthey does not mint the bars itself, but the company’s reputation and insignia have been enough to make investors clamor for the bars.

Who is Johnson Matthey silver?

Johnson Matthey is one of the most recognizable and trusted names in silver production. A British conglomerate, Johnson Matthey is named after Percival Norton Johnson and George Matthey. The organization was founded in 1817 as a gold assaying company in London, and has worked in precious metals ever since.

Why are Engelhard bars worth more?

The Engelhard silver bar is favored by collectors because they are no longer produced. Because of this, these silver bars may carry higher premiums than other similar 10 ounce silver bars. That being said, premiums for these Engelhard 10 ounce silver bars could potentially increase over time.

Is there a Johnson Matthey 100 oz silver bar?

While the company has not produced struck silver bars since the 1980s, they do still pour their 100 oz silver bars. They have also recently re-released their 10 oz, kilogram and 1 oz silver bars to the market. Johnson Matthey isn’t one of the top names in precious metal for just any reason.

Is there a serial number on Johnson Matthey silver?

However, because most of their silver bars were typically minted more as a retail product and not an exchange product, only a few hundred of the silver bars actually have a serial number on them. As a result, collectors and investors know that any bars with serial numbers are ones minted many years ago and are quite rare.

What makes a Johnson Matthey bullion bar good?

Therefore, bullion bars from this company are not only considered excellent for their long-term security, they’re also very easy to sell. Johnson Matthey stamps each of their bars with the company logo, which consists of the letters JM with two mining tools, the exact weight of the bar, and a purity stamp.

How long has Johnson Matthey been in business?

Even though Johnson Matthey has been in business for almost 200 years, their silver bars are still a highly sought after product. Since they’re one of the best names in the precious metal industry, their popularity makes it easy for investors to sell their bars.