How much does an Andersen hitch cost?

How much does an Andersen hitch cost?

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Is the Anderson hitch good?

So, the bottom line: good company customer service; a lighter, faster, easier-to-use hitch that does weight distribution, anti-sway, and anti-bounce and is, by the way, absolutely silent; and a lifetime warranty. At a price competitive with the big, complicated, clunky hitches. It’s a good choice.

Can I back up with Andersen weight distribution hitch?

Weight Distribution Hitch Features: Grease-free system ball turns with trailer. Weighs less than 60 lbs. Doubles as standard ball mount for towing without weight distribution. No problem backing up –unlike many other weight distribution hitches.

What size Andersen hitch do I need?

If the measurement is 20″ or less – the 4″ drop is for you. If the measurement is between 20″ and 24″ you need the 6″ drop. If the measurement is between 24″ and 28″ check out the 8″ drop.

How much can Andersen hitch tow?

Weighing in under 60 lbs, this good-looking but tough workhorse is rated up to 14,000 lbs GTWR (1400 lbs tongue). That means it can handle all of your heavy-duty trailer needs.

How does Anderson hitch work?

The Andersen system is a weight distribution hitch WITH sway control. For the sway control component, the hitch uses a cone assembly (made of brake liner type material) that the ball assembly sits in. The tongue weight of the trailer pushes the ball into the friction material, aiding in the anti-sway setup.

What size drop hitch do I need?

An easy way to figure out which drop length you have is to either measure the draw bar with a tape measure or count the number of holes in the drop portion when the slider is not attached. You will need to count the number of holes and then subtract 3, which will then give you the drop length you have.

What size is my weight distribution hitch?

The rating of your weight distribution hitch needs to match or exceed the Gross Trailer Weight so for example if your trailer weighs 7000lbs and have roughly 750lbs Tongue weight then you would want a kit rated for 8000lbs total trailer weight and 800lbs tongue weight.

Is an Anderson hitch a weight distribution hitch?

The Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch (available with 4″ or 8″ drop/rise) doesn’t just raise the bar, it sets it at a whole new level — changing the industry forever! We combined modern materials, technology and innovation to create the simplest, quietest, and most advanced weight distribution hitch on the road today.

Which is the best Andersen fifth wheel hitch?

Avoid the wait of shipping & shop locally at an Andersen Hitches Dealership. Short bed truck or long bed. Our fifth wheel hitches are the best. No sway, no bounce, no noise. The perfect weight distributing hitch. Leveling and Stabilizing your trailer or rv is now easier than ever. Strong, Adjustable, Versatile.

Where does the company Andersen hitches come from?

For 58 years, our family owned company has operated entirely in the USA—headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho—supplying jobs for over 100 employees. I have owned my rapid hitch for many years and have towed many heavy payloads, and with confidence can recommend Andersen Hitches and products to all who are in the market for these products.

Is it safe to buy from Anderson hitches?

Anderson Hitches is a company you can trust. They are customer service based and have a product that is absolutely the best of its kind. My brother in law has sold RVs for 3 decades and always recommends the products to his customers. You can buy these products with confidence.

Where is Andersen hitches in Idaho Falls Idaho?

When only the best will do, this adjustable ball mount hitch is the right way to tow. For 58 years, our family owned company has operated entirely in the USA—headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho—supplying jobs for over 100 employees.