How do you find out when I arrived in Australia?

How do you find out when I arrived in Australia?

You can request your travel records in and out of Australia using Form 1359 Request for international movement records (280KB PDF) from the Department of Home Affairs. The records will only show your travel in and out of Australia, and not travel to other countries.

How long did it take for the ships to get to Australia?

The entire journey took 252 days (a little over 8 months). From England, the fleet sailed to Australia making stops in Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town. They arrived in Botany Bay in mid-January 1788. The journey began with good weather so Captain Phillip decided to let the convicts up on deck.

How long did the journey from Italy to Australia usually take by ship?

The journey took from six to eight weeks via the Suez Canal and the first stop in Australia was Perth, followed by Melbourne and Sydney. Family, Italian priests and representative from Italian organisations were often waiting at disembarkation points when migrant ships arrived.

What ship came to Australia?

Convict transports

Ship Type Arrived Botany Bay
Lady Penrhyn Transport 20 January 1788
Prince of Wales Barque 20 January 1788
Scarborough Transport 19 January 1788

How can you find out if someone is an Australian citizen?

To find citizenship records:

  1. use the NameSearch tab in RecordSearch.
  2. type in the surname.
  3. type in the given name.
  4. in ‘Category of records’, select ‘Immigration and naturalisation records’

How long does it take from UK to Australia by ship?

Expect Europe to Australia by sea to take at least 32-40 days and cost at least £4,000+ one-way by freighter including cabin & meals, much more if you use a cruise.

What was Australia first called?

New Holland
New Holland (Dutch: Nieuw-Holland) is a historical European name for mainland Australia. The name was first applied to Australia in 1644 by the Dutch seafarer Abel Tasman.

Where are the crew records held in Australia?

After 1922 recording the arrival of crew became the responsibility of the Commonwealth Government and the records are held by the National Archives of Australia. NAA also hold crew records (arrivals and departures) for Newcastle.

What was the first ship to arrive in South Australia?

SA Pioneers arriving 1836-1845 – Source 27-36 Lists compiled in the former South Australian Archives from various sources, includes crew names. H.M.C.S. Protector crew lists South Australia’s first naval ship. Two lists – one undated and one for 1901.

Where can I find Royal Australian Navy records?

The National Archives of Australia has records about members of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) who served as crew aboard RAN ships. The best available source for crew details is the ships’ ledgers. The National Archives holds these in Canberra in the record series A4624. The series ranges from 1912 to 1956.

How many passenger arrival records are there in Australia?

The passenger records in our collection are held in each capital city, primarily for the ports and airports in that state or territory. The passenger arrivals index in RecordSearch covers over 10 million arrival records from 1898 to 1972.