How do I sign into GoToMeeting?

How do I sign into GoToMeeting?

Go to Enter your company email address, then click Next. If you are not automatically redirected, you can click Continue….How do I sign in?

  1. Enter the email address for your account.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Enter your account password, then click Sign in.
  4. If prompted, verify your login.

Do I need a GoToMeeting account to join a meeting?

If you are joining a session that was scheduled by someone else, then you are an attendee and do not need your own GoToMeeting account. However, if you would like to schedule and host your own sessions, sign up for an account here.

How do I find my meeting ID in GoToMeeting?

If you are the scheduling organizer for a session, you can find your meeting ID as follows: Log in at Locate and click on the desired meeting. The 9-digit meeting ID is listed in the details.

Can you join a GoToMeeting without the app?

GoToMeeting allows you to attend meetings entirely online – no download needed! You can also use the Web App to host your meetings from your Google Chrome web browser.

Can I use GoToMeeting on my phone?

Do you need to host and join meetings while on the go? No problem! Our mobile apps let you schedule, manage and host your meetings directly from your iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon devices.

Can I use GoToMeeting on my Iphone?

You can use the GoToMeeting app for iOS to join meetings from anywhere! If you are an organizer, you can also use the app to schedule, manage and start meetings. Mobile apps are available on paid plans only.

Has GoToMeeting been hacked?

Has GoToMeeting ever been hacked? We are not aware of any hacking incidents involving GoToMeeting.

Does GoToMeeting work like Zoom?

Other Zoom vs GoToMeeting features Zoom and GoToMeeting services offer a very similar feature set. Both include screen share, meeting recording, cloud storing, a whiteboard, file sharing, joining via phone call, meeting URLs, keyboard/mouse sharing, custom backgrounds, and more.

How secure is GoToMeeting?

How secure is GoToMeeting? GoToMeeting offers good security. It uses industry-standard endto- end Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption using 128-bit keys to protect the data stream. In addition, GoToMeeting encryption is consistent with HIPAA Security Standards.

How to join a GoToMeeting in progress?

Open Google Chrome and navigate to the GoToMeeting web app.

  • and hit the orange and white arrow button to submit it.
  • Tap on the Settings gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Use your phone to call the phone number provided in the Audio section of the web app’s settings.
  • How do I join go to meeting?

    Navigate to the Join GoToMeeting website (link in Resources) and then click “Join a Meeting.”. Alternatively, you can navigate to the website and enter the meeting ID from your invitation in the Meeting ID field and then click “Continue.”.

    How do I join a live meeting?

    Step 1: In Outlook, simply open your calendar appointment item, and click to join Office Live Meeting. Enter your Name, Meeting ID, and Meeting Key (if required to join the meeting). Note: Participants that are first-time users should allow 10-15 minutes to download the Office Live Meeting plug-in before the meeting.