How do I get my WordPress blog to show up on Google?

How do I get my WordPress blog to show up on Google?

After you have setup your Search Console account, you need to make sure that your WordPress site is visible to search engines. You can check this by going to Settings » Reading page and scrolling down to the Search Engine Visibility option.

Why does my WordPress blog not show up on Google?

Why isn’t my site showing up in Google? Make sure your site’s privacy settings are set to Public, with the option “Do not allow search engines to index my site” not selected. Search engines can take 4-6 weeks or more to show any newly created sites.

How do I link Google Plus to my website?

How to Link Your Company’s Google+ Page to Your Website

  1. 2Go to your Profile section for your page via the links on the left.
  2. 3Select the Edit Profile button in the upper-right (or somewhere at the top, depending on your screen resolution).
  3. 5Copy and paste the code where you want it to go in the HTML for your website.

Why are my pages not showing up on WordPress?

Most of the time, problems related to WordPress changes not showing on your site have to do with caching issues (browser caching, page caching, or CDN caching). The fix is to clear the cache causing these issues, making sure both you and your visitors are seeing the most recent version of your site.

How do I access my Google Plus account?

At the top right of the page, click on your profile picture. The pop up should show you all the information about that Google account including your name, email associated with the account, and if you have one, a Google Plus account. Clicking on the Google Plus account link will take you to your Google Plus page.

Where can I find my Google URL?

How to find your GMB URL:

  1. Do a search for your business name on Google.
  2. Make sure you are logged into Google/Gmail with the account that manages/owns your GMB.
  3. Check the link in the address bar.
  4. In the knowledge panel for your business on the right hand side of the search results page.

How do I find my Google Plus?